The Movie of the Month for June 2016 is…

by Jay Cluitt · May 29, 2016 · MOTM, MOTM Champions · No Comments

The latest Movie of the Month has been decided upon!


Sometimes it seems timing has a great deal to do with which film wins the Movie of the Month poll. It can be timing for a good reason or, as is the case with June, timing from a far sadder event. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that next month we’ll be talking about… Purple Rain.

purple rain

Congratulations go to Nicole Ayers of The Madlab Post for championing Purple Rain as the champion. In winning the poll she also gets to host the feature discussion on the upcoming Lambcast devoted to it.

As always, when that Lambcast show is posted, any reviews the rest of the LAMB wishes to write about the films in question will be posted too. Please send in any submissions – new or old – to jaycluitt(at) by Monday 13th June. Around that day will also see the next poll go up, so if you would like to champion the Movie of the Month for July, get in touch.

Here are the results of this month’s poll:
MOTM June 2016

The Madlab Post will be ineligible to champion a MOTM contender for the next three months. Forgotten Films still has two months of ineligibility left. French Toast Sunday will be ineligible for one more month. Coog’s Reviews is now eligible again.

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