LAMBScores: Alice Through the Apocalypse of Love & Friendship

by Jay Cluitt · June 17, 2016 · Featured, LAMBscores · No Comments

I forgot to mention last week that the very well received Sing Street sent ripples through the LAMBScores table by becoming our highest rated film so far this year! Alas no such luck this week, with some lacklustre sequels and a little-seen period piece not making too much of an impact. Maybe we’ll have better luck next week with Out of the Shadows. Up for review this week: Alice Through The Looking Glass, X-Men: Apocalypse, Love & Friendship:

Love & Friendship
LAMB Average: 3.42 (6 sites)
Surrender to the Void (5)
The Movie Waffler (4)
Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (3.5)
Ranting and Ravings (3)
Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (3) (2)

X-Men: Apocalypse
LAMB Average: 2.93 (20 sites)
Guy’s Film Quest (4.5)
The MN Movie Man (4)
Tinsel & Tine (4)
The Blazing Reel (3.5)
Cinematic Randomness (3.5)
Talkie Gazette (3.5)
BuzzHub (3)
CineMarvellous! (3)
Cinemole (3)
Gorgon Reviews (3)
Keith Loves Movies (3)
The Mundane Adventures of a Fangirl (3)
Fade to Zach (2.5)
Life Vs Film (2.5)
Movie Reviews 101 (2.5)
Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (2)
The Movie Waffler (2)
Paul’s Trip To The Movies (2)
Silver Screen Riot (2)
Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (2)

Alice Through The Looking Glass
LAMB Average: 2.29 (12 sites)
Talkie Gazette (3.5)
Tinsel & Tine (3.5)
Rambling Film (3)
Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (3)
CineMarvellous! (2.5)
French Toast Sunday (2.5)
Keith Loves Movies (2.5)
Citizen Charlie (2)
Fade to Zach (2)
Gorgon Reviews (1)
The Movie Waffler (1)
Paul’s Trip To The Movies (1)

Next Week: Me Before You, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

If you want to get involved, here’s how LAMBScores work: Over in the LAMB Forums there’s a sub-board  called LAMBScores. If you’ve written a review or recorded a podcast on a new release, find (or create) the thread there, and leave a link to your review, along with your site name and a score out of 5. Three weeks after the film has received a wide release the reviews will be collated and posted here, as long as there are at least five.

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