Lambscores: Snatch 2: Lock Stock and a Stone-bed Sword

by Jay Cluitt · June 9, 2017 · Featured, Features, LAMBscores · No Comments

I’m not gonna lie, this week is not a good one for new releases. King Arthur looked like it might be decent, and given Snatched was Amy Schumer’s follow-up to Trainwreck there were high hopes there too, but alas it seems expectations were mostly disappointed given the generally negative scores from the LAMB community:

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
LAMB Average: 2.40 (21 sites)
That Moment In (3.5)
CineMarvellous! (3)
Citizen Charlie (3)
The Last Thing I See (3)
The Movie Guru’s Blog (3)
Movie Reviews 101 (3)
The Mundane Adventures of a Fangirl (3)
Sinekdoks (3)
Flicks and Pieces (2.5)
Keith Loves Movies (2.5)
Movie Marker (2.5)
Tinsel & Tine (2.5)
A Selenator’s View (2)
The Critical Movie Critics (2)
Dan the Man’s Movies Reviews (2)
HC Movie Reviews (2)
Mahan’s Media (2)
Silver Screen Riot (2)
Stu Loves Film (2)
Paul’s Trip to the Movies (1.5)
The Movie Waffler (0.5)

LAMB Average: 1.95 (10 sites)
Tinsel & Tine (3)
Fade to Zach (2.5)
HC Movie Reviews (2.5)
Box Office Buz (2)
Stu Loves Film (2)
Wherever I Look (2)
Borrowing Tape (1.5)
Lolo Loves Films (1.5)
Mahan’s Media (1.5)
The Critical Movie Critics (1)

Next Week: Alien: Covenant
If you want to get involved, here’s how LAMBScores work: Over in the LAMB Forums there’s a sub-board called LAMBScores. If you’ve written a review or recorded a podcast on a new release, find (or create) the thread there, and leave a link to your review, along with your site name and a score out of 5. Three weeks after the film has received a wide release the reviews will be collated and posted here, as long as there are at least five.

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