So apparently the LAMB celebrated it’s 10th birthday a few weeks ago (October 31st to be exact) but what with all the hubbub around other areas of life it somehow got forgotten. Worry not dear flock, for though it was not technically intended for that celebration we have decided to mark the occasion with what is easily the most ambitious, and ultimately most time-consuming to edit Lambcast show in the history of the LAMB, it’s our 400th Show Spectacular!

We couldn’t decide on just one topic for this show, so we opted to commemorate the occasion by discussing pretty much everything in our worlds of film. So this show isn’t just a Movie of the Month, it’s not simply a Draft, it’s not limited to just being a game of Lambpardy, no it’s everything, all packed into one show. And because it’s the 400th episode, each segment is tackled for exactly 400 seconds, or 6 minutes 40 seconds. If you think that doesn’t sound like enough time to talk about a movie, well after recording the show I’m more than inclined to agree. We were joined by a cornucopia of Lambcast regulars – and a few unfamiliar voices too – all of whose credits can be found down the bottom. For now though, clear your schedule, you’ve got some listening to do.

00:00 Intros
06:40 Rebecca and Howard helped Jay solve the Murder on the Orient Express
13:20 Audrey, Rob and Rebecca go head-to-head-to-head in Lambpardy!
20:00 Jay spends a moment with Heather
26:40 Jason Soto returns with Dylan and Jay to Ask The LAMB
33:20 Dylan, Robert and Jay talk time travel tech, home town hate and the new game that’s sweeping the nation, Spacey Replacey
40:00 Rob joins Jay and Dylan for an extreme discussion on what’s better, Point Break or Point Break?
46:40 Kristen, Audrey and Jay self-diagnose My Girl
53:20 Grab your sorting and/or thinking caps for a LIVE Harry Potter trivia fight
60:00 Richard, Tony and Jay chat about some new films they’ve seen recently
66:40 Richard, Dylan and Jay attempt to earn their licences to kill in a James Bond Draft
73:20 Sean Connery hosts a Celebrity Lambpardy, with reigning champion Swedish Chef taking on Sam Elliott and Batman
80:00 Audrey, Dylan and Jay look ahead to their most anticipated movies for the rest of 2017
86:40 Nick, Dylan and Jay roll a bunch of top 5s, on films missing from Criterion, good films starring bad actors and the number 400
93:20 Lindsay joins Dylan and Jay in a bare-knuckle underground fight over David Fincher’s filmography
100:00 Bubbawheat, Dylan and Jay have a Marvellous time during their Franchise Lookback
106:40 Why not take a break and listen to some ads?
113:20 Everyone’s ranting and raving!
120:00 Is this the most epic game of Last Lamb Standing in history? No, but it’s definitely the most tense
126:40 Gotta plug them plugs
133:20 Out-takes!

Show notes:
Trailers: The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, BPM, Sherlock Gnomes, The Florida Project, Lady Bird, Downsizing, Call Me By Your Name, Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool, The Disaster Artist, Coco, The Shape Of Water, I, Tonya, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Podcasts: Sequelisers, Bad Romance Podcast
Origami Unicorn video
The Lair of the Unwanted The Room script reading
Lambcasts: Iron Man 3, Thor: Ragnarok, Richard Linklater Director Retrospective, Licence to Kill, The Spy Who Loved Me
Panic Room camera moves
Zodiac effects shots
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo opening credits
Aliens power loader Halloween costume
Point Break foot chase
Point Break ending
Point Break dirt bike scene
Point Break wingsuit scene
Kai’s Instagram

Dylan’s Plugs:
Man I Love Films

Jason Soto’s Plugs:
The Lair of the Unwanted
Buy his book!

Heather’s Plugs:

Lindsay’s Plugs:
French Toast Sunday
Also Coffee
Sorry in Advance

Nick’s Plugs:
French Toast Sunday

Kristen’s Plugs:
Journeys in Classic Film
Walt Sent Me
Ticklish Business

Bubbawheat’s Plugs:
Flights, Tights and Movie Nights
Channel: Superhero

Robert’s Plugs:
To The Escape Hatch

Tony’s Plugs:
Coog’s Review

Rebecca’s Plugs:
Almost Ginger

Richard’s Plugs:
Kirkham A Movie A Day
The Strother Martin Film Project

Howard’s Plugs:
Rantings and Ravings

Audrey’s Plugs:
1001 Movies and Beyond
Rated M For MacPhail

Rob’s Plugs:
LAMB Acting School

Jason Truluck’s Plugs:
Also Coffee

Susie’s Plugs:
Instagram @susiezerbe

Aisha’s Plugs:
Dandelion Life
Instagram @aishalgreen

Jay’s Plugs
Life Vs Film

LAMB Plugs:
Lambscores – The Foreigner, Happy Death Day
Acting School: Charles Bronson
Acting School Introduction: Samuel L. Jackson
Director’s Chair: Taika Waititi
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