Lambscores: Family Christmas on the Train to Ebbing, MI

by Jay Cluitt · December 8, 2017 · Featured, LAMBscores · 1 Comment

This week was almost a write-off. Last week, I announced that the next Lambscores would look at Murder on the Orient Express, Daddy’s Home 2 and A Bad Mom’s Christmas, the latter of which I’d missed covering a couple of weeks earlier. I compiled the scores and links, but it was a thoroughly underwhelming and unimpressive list of movies. Then, however, I checked to see what next week’s films would be, and a title amongst the lesser releases caught my eye – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. It’s not had a UK release yet and didn’t receive a very wide release anywhere else it seems, but it’s gathered a lot of reviews, all of them positive, and high enough to place it at the tippy-top of 2017’s leaderboard! Here’s what the LAMB community had to say about it and the rest of the week’s crop:

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
LAMB Average: 4.58 (13 sites)
Citizen Charlie (5)
Keith Loves Movies (5)
The Michigan Movie Guy (5)
The MN Movie Man (5)
Surrender to the Void (5)
Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (4.5)
Kirkham A Movie A Day (4.5)
The Last Thing I See (4.5)
Paul’s Trip to the Movies (4.5)
Silver Screen Riot (4.5)
The Critical Movie Critics (4)
Ryan Reviews Movies (4)
Wherever I Look (4)

Murder on the Orient Express
LAMB Average: 3.04 (11 sites)
The MN Movie Man (4)
Sean Kelly on Movies (4)
Keith Loves Movies (3.5)
Kirkham A Movie A Day (3)
The Lambcast (3)
Mahan’s Media (3)
Sinekdoks (3)
Tinsel and Tine (3)
The Last Thing I See (2.5)
Silver Screen Riot (2.5)
Paul’s Trip to the Movies (2)

A Bad Mom’s Christmas
LAMB Average: 2.92 (6 sites)
Mahan’s Media (4)
Wherever I Look (4)
The Mundane Adventures of a Fangirl (3.5)
CineMarvellous! (2.5)
Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (2.5)
The MN Movie Man (1)

Daddy’s Home 2
LAMB Average: 1.75 (6 sites)
From The Front Row (3)
Movie Marker (2.5)
A Selenator’s View (1.5)
Flickering Myth (1.5)
The Peoples Movies (1)
Stu Loves Film (1)

LAMBscores will return next week with: Justice League, Wonder, The Star
If you want to get involved, here’s how LAMBScores work: Over in the LAMB Forums there’s a sub-board called LAMBScores. If you’ve written a review or recorded a podcast on a new release, find (or create) the thread there, and leave a link to your review, along with your site name and a score out of 5. Three weeks after the film has received a wide release the reviews will be collated and posted here, as long as there are at least five.

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