PLUG: The Starving Artists and Other Stories by Howard Casner

by Jay Cluitt · July 29, 2018 · Plugs · 1 Comment

This is a plug for a new book by Howard Casner from Rantings and Ravings, a LAMB member and regular contributor to this site:

Hello, everyone. I have now released a book of exciting new short stories called The Starving Artists and Other Stories, nine stories of sci-fi and the supernatural.

It is available from Amazon at And until noon, Monday, 7/30, the price is a mere $0.99, that’s right, one penny less than a dollar. I’m running the sale to get the book out there, up sales and get reviews (reviews are very important).

Bobby Doc still hosts his nightly DJ gig, but is anyone left to listen to it? Then he meets a little girl who says, “They only come out at night.”——For those who like the weird, the odd, the out there, here are nine stories with supernatural and sci-fi themes, from a DJ who might or might not be the last person on earth, to staged fights that only happen during full moons, to a young boy whose life changes when “he” came out of the desert. Expect the unexpected.

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