The Movie of the Month for August 2020 is…

by Jay Cluitt · July 20, 2020 · MOTM, MOTM Champions · No Comments

It’s time to announce the latest Movie of the Month winner! In an effort to promote more films made by black film-makers, all 10 of this month’s submissions fitted that criteria, but as always there can be only one. So, for August 2020 and winning by just one vote after a 3-way tie, we’ll be watching… Sorry to Bother You!

There will be a Lambcast dedicated to Sorry to Bother You soon, so if you have any reviews, features or podcasts on Sorry to Bother You please send them to Jay on thelambcast(at) by Monday 3rd August.

If you would like to submit a film for a future MOTM poll, get in touch! Winners are excluded for a calendar year, so Coogs Review, Kirkham A Movie A Day, Forgotten Films, For Reel Movie News & Reviews, Free Kittens Movie Guide, The Michigan Movie Guide, French Toast Sunday and Life Vs Film are now ineligible until 2021.

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