Quarantine Lambscores Part 1: March 2020 and Earlier

by Jay Cluitt · August 29, 2020 · Featured, LAMBscores · No Comments

Hi folks, hope everyone is keeping as well as possible in the mosquito-filled jockstrap that is 2020. As some of you may have noticed, this year’s cinema release schedule took something of a nosedive a few months ago, and the weekly Lambscores feature petered out along with it, but it’s back! And different! Kind of! For now at least! Exclamations!

Anyway, a bunch of films got released digitally during that period of the year when everyone began to really value the notion of personal space, and many of you fine and furry LAMB members reviewed some of them, but it didn’t feel right to just dump them all in one go, so I’m going to parse them out, one month at a time, over the next coming weeks, and by the time we’re done we’ll be roughly on schedule to look at whatever is being released then. Sound good? Excellent. So for this week we’re looking at the Direct-to-streaming March releases, as well as a few smaller films that have now accrued enough reviews to be Lambscores-worthy! Here’s what the LAMB community had to say about Color Out Of Space, Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, Greed, Vivarium, The Lodge and The Rhythm Section:

Portrait of a Lady on Fire
LAMB Average: 4.14 (7 sites)
Matthew Liedke on Film (5)
Screen Zealots (4.5)
Mahan’s Media (4.5)
The Movie Waffler (4)
SK on Movies (4)
CineMarvellous! (3.5)
Out There in the Dark (3.5)

The Lodge
LAMB Average: 3.63 (8 sites)
Keith Loves Movies (4)
The MN Movie Man (4)
Screen Zealots (4)
Silver Screen Riot (4)
SK on Movies (4)
Often Off Topic (3.5)
The Last Thing I See (3)
CineMarvellous! (2.5)

Color Out of Space
LAMB Average: 3.50 (7 sites)
Movie Reviews 101 (4)
SK on Movies (4)
Mahan’s Media (3.5)
The MN Movie Man (3.5)
The Movie Waffler (3.5)
CineMarvellous! (3)
Silver Screen Riot (3)

LAMB Average: 2.60 (5 sites)
The Code is Zeek (3)
Screen Zealots (3)
CineMarvellous! (2.5)
Citizen Charlie (2.5)
CinemaNerdz (2)

LAMB Average: 2.58 (6 sites)
The Movie Waffler (3.5)
SK on Movies (3.5)
CineMarvellous! (3)
Citizen Charlie (3)
The MN Movie Man (2)
MovieRob (0.5)

The Rhythm Section
LAMB Average: 2.14 (7 sites)
CineMarvellous! (2.5)
Citizen Charlie (2.5)
The Movie Waffler (2.5)
MovieRob (2.5)
CinemaNerdz (2)
Journeys in Classic Film (2)
Mattkew Liedke on Film (1)

LAMBscores will return next week with: Extraction
If you want to get involved, here’s how LAMBScores work: Over in the LAMB Forums there’s a sub-board called LAMBScores. If you’ve written a review or recorded a podcast on a new release, find (or create) the thread there, and leave a link to your review, along with your site name and a score out of 5. Three weeks after the film has received a wide release the reviews will be collated and posted here, as long as there are at least five.

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