Lambcast #588 MOTM Jennifer’s Body

by Richard Kirkham · June 15, 2021 · Featured, LAMBcast, MOTM · No Comments

June is reserved for a Movie of the Month that comes from a female director. A Woman’s perspective is welcome any month but we don’t want it to get neglected by the capricious nature of voting so all entries for this Episode were directed by women and Karyn Kusama’s 2009 teen girl horror comedy topped the returns. It was a film expected to do better, widely criticized on it’s release, and having developed a much better reputation in the intervening years.

One of the reasons that the film was criticized at the time was for the inclusion of a girl on girl kiss. Was this about empowerment or exploitation. Star Megan Fox was also in the news at the time for having complained about Director Michael Bay and she was hounded by the media over reports about a nude swimming scene in the film. It also appears that critics had their knives out for screenwriter Diablo Cody, who had won the Oscar for Original Screenplay the year before for “Juno” and now needed to be taken down a peg or two as is typical of overnight successes. Was it also because she was a woman?

Emily Slade is the champion of this film and she leads a discussion featuring four guys who probably would not have been the target audience for the movie. We discuss the marketing strategies, the controversy and the lesbian subtext of the film with Howard Casner, Nick Rehak, Will Slater and Lambcast host Richard Kirkham. There are some differences of opinions, some movement on some of the themes and generally a thoughtful discussion of sexism, gay portrayals in movies and horror movie ratings. 


We also manage to slip in a discussion of the career of Adam Brody as we take on the emo rock soundtrack of Jennifer’s Body.  Because we need a good boy gone bad and a plaintive 2000s rock ballad to make the movie complete. If you listen to the show, you get to hear Richard Completely misunderstand Bobby Movies and Emily make the dramatic claim that they supersede the works of J.R.R. Tolkien


Discussion     2:37

Lambscores     58:30

Rants/Raves/Reviews     1:00:55

1 Star Rating Game     1:08:12

Plugs     1:19:50

Outtake     1:28:12

Emily   Why This Film Podcast?   

Howard   Pop Art   

Will   Exploding Helicopter   

Nick  Deep Blue Sea Podcast  Rehak Radio   

Richard   KAMAD    80s Nostalgia Central   

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