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It’s Lambpardy time again!

It’s the last game of the first round of the 2021 Lambpardy tournament! After this show we’ll have all nine of the second round players, one of whom will become the 2021 Lambpardy Champardy! Who will it be? And, more pressingly, who will the 9th first round winner be? Well, it’s between Todd Liebenow, Doug Jamieson and Rachel Wagner, that much is for sure, and for added hijinks, given all three of this month’s competitors are huge Disney fans, this is a special Disney Lambpardy edition! Listen here:

This month the contestants are:
Doug Jamieson, The Jam Report
Todd Liebenow, Forgotten Filmcast, Walt Sent Me
Rachel Wagner, Rachel’s Reviews

Jay Cluitt, Life vs Film, Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast

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