Lambcast #645 Stand By Me MOTM

by Richard Kirkham · July 18, 2022 · Featured, LAMBcast · 1 Comment

This month, Lisa Leaheey championed the winner of the MOTM Poll and she had her reasons. Some of you don’t go in the water because of “Jaws”, some of you take baths instead of showers because of “Psycho”. It looks like Lisa will be avoiding county fairs because of this movie, which traumatized her early on in life.

“Stand By Me” is the beloved coming of age film from Director Rob Reiner via a short story from Stephen King. Widely considered one of the best filmic adaptions of King’s prolific work, it is said that it is also King’s favorite film of a story he wrote. The show briefly talks about the autobiographical nature of the story, but we mostly focus on the film and the performances of the four young actors.

All of the kids went on to additional success in films, and we know the tragic story of River Phoenix is going to hang over the memory of this movie as both the character and the actor died young. Corey Feldman gets high praise from our show guests for his performance as Teddy, and it appears that Jerry O’Connell’s Vern is a favorite of the group.

We will spare you any more graphic images of this scene.

There is a ten minute interlude where disgusting stories about vomit in movies takes over the podcast, and we get a brief foray into fat shaming. Fear not however, the nausea induced by this topic was enough to keep us away from getting too caught up in either subjects. The pie eating contest scene was even scarier to us than Kiefer Sutherland.

There are Rants, Raves and Reviews, and before we toss Bubbawheat off the trestle, we have a little fun poking at a former host of the LAMBcast for his decidedly outlying view of the film. A great time is had by all, so pack your comb, grab a sleeping bag and come with us on the trail as we follow the train tracks to cinema glory.


Lisa Hosts the Conversation 5:55

Lamb Scores 1:08:30

Rants/Raves/Reviews 1:14:30

A Clunky Game 1:31:30

Plugs 1:14:30

Bubbawheat Flights/Tights/Movie Nights

Lisa The Siblist

Todd Forgotten Filmcast

Roger Road House Minute

Richard KAMAD

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