Update: The LAMB Oscars Uber-Event Type Thing

by Dylan · January 23, 2008 · LAMB Devours the Oscars · 4 Comments

Okay, almost everything has been settled – all but one award has been granted to a LAMB (and even one to a not-yet LAMB – thanks to Daniel from Getafilm). That one would be Best Picture. Things shook out a little differently than I expected, so I’m going to call a small audible on what I had previously stated regarding this category, if only because I don’t want to assume too much.

So, for the LAMBs that volunteered for a second category, just about all of you got that second category (Jess didn’t, as I had ran out of categories). Before I give anyone a third category, I want to make sure any of you (Insight into Entertainment, Ferdy on Films, Soundtrack Geek and Doodad Kind of Town) are up for a third. If so, comment or email me and you will be on the short list. If only one person is interested, they will get it; if there are more, I’ve figured out a fair way to decide it. Sound good?

Here’s the (almost) final list:

Site Name Category 1 Category 2
5th Row From the Screen Best Adapted Screenplay
Blog Cabins Best Original Screenplay
Boomstick Reviews Best Art Direction
Counting Down the Hours Best Cinematography
Crack of the Whip! Best Supporting Actress
Doodad Kind of Town Best Sound Editing Best Sound Mixing
Ferdy on Films Best Makeup Best Live Action Short Film
Insight into Entertainment Best Animated Film
Invasion of the B Movies Best Visual Effects
Joe’s Movie Corner Best Documentary Short Subject
Matte Havoc Best Foreign Language Film
Movie Reviews (such as they are) Best Film Editing
Reel Whore Best Supporting Actor
Shea of the Dead Best Costume Design
Soundtrack Geek Best Original Score Best Original Song
The Center Seat Best Animated Short Film
The Movie-Fanatic Best Actor
The Spoon Best Actress
Watch It Best Director
Getafilm Best Documentary Feature

Also, a big thanks to Nick from Boomstick Reviews for being the first one to send in their write-up. That was fast! I will start posting these in the next couple days, with the intent of posting one per day. I might even make a banner or something…