Summer of LAMB scoring system

by Dylan · May 28, 2008 · Uncategorized · No Comments

Just a quick note to let those playing in the Summer of LAMB know that the scoring system has been determined.

* One point will be awarded for correctly identifying a movie that finishes in the top 10.

* An additional point will be awarded for placing a film in the correct position within the top 10 (i.e. if you picked Indiana Jones to finish first and it does, you would now have two total points).

* An additional point will be earned for choosing a final box office gross that is +/- 10% of the actual final gross.

This will make for 30 possible points, with the winner having the most points. Since there was no prize awarded for Best Blog at the LAMMYS, the prize here – a DVD of your choice – will come from that pool (the list of available choices can be found here).

After I’ve posted all the individual entries, I will create and post a spreadsheet that summarizes all of the entries, should you wish to score at home. Additionally, I’m sure I’ll post updates as summer rolls along.

Thanks for playing!

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