New Event: The LAMB Action Hero.

by Nick Jobe · June 13, 2008 · Uncategorized · 2 Comments

Hello LAMBs! So, remember that endless fiery baton death match that was Sirens of the LAMBs? Well, it’s time to do another one! Sort of. The theme is different this time, of course, and the rules and whatnot have changed slightly. See, as Fletch said, we learned things from the last time, and this time should be much easier and go much smoother. We talked a lot about it, and we finally have everything pretty much down. So here’s the skinny:

It’s called The LAMB Action Hero. The theme is the best action hero you would like to be roommates with. But this time we aren’t having the huge narratives. No, this time we have more like short essays. What each person will do is state why he or she thinks his or her hero would be the best roommate, and why he or she thinks his or her opponent’s hero would be a bad roommate. Person with the most convincing argument wins.

Here are some of the rules/specs:

-Each essay should be no longer than 500 words.
-This isn’t gender-specific. We’ll take heroes or heroines.
-Unlike last time, power or skill is immaterial. You could choose Superman if you so wished. (This will also mean there won’t be any unfair fights, such as Sil Vs. Bonnie Parker again). And no, they don’t have to be Superheroes. Any kind of hero will do.
-Voting period for each match will last 3 days.
-Entry will be first-come, first-serve. I need 8, 16, or 32 contestants for everybody to have a match. If I’m over any of those numbers, but not quite reaching the next number I need, I’m going to take the first ones that replied.
-Please make sure that you are POSITIVE that you will have time to do this. During Sirens, I continually had people either dropping out or not having time to write their entries due to work or vacation or whatnot. As such, the event was dragged out to a ridiculous amount of time.

So, if you are interested in doing this, please send me an email at [email protected] with your top 3 choices. Also, make sure to tell me what blog you own and/or reside at. It’ll make things a lot easier when I go to post what things were written by whom (so I don’t have another ‘Pat’ fiasco like last time).

I think that’s just about it. Oh, and because Fletch would kill me if I didn’t include this… his lovely wife, Mrs. Fletch, made this amazingly amazing image/poster for the event. So I give to you… The LAMB Action Hero:

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