PSA: An image you don’t want to see

by Dylan · August 27, 2008 · Uncategorized · 2 Comments

It’s a sad thing to think about, but every now and then, a LAMB dies.

Of course, I’m referring to a site being shut down – not an actual person or lamb leaving us. With the help of the LAMB’s art director (Mrs. Fletch) and the notices of a few new fallen homies from soon-to-be LAMB Jose (, I’ve updated the profile pages for our dead LAMBs with the following image.


Our dead LAMBs are:

#6 – The Mexican DVD Review
#11 – Sir Jorge’s Macabre DVD
#12 – The Film Reviews
#15 – 5th Row from the Screen
#32 – Rick’s DVD Picks
#146 – The Every Movie That Counts Blog

Should you happen to notice a site other than these that is no longer working, please let me know. In addition, should any of you have the LAMB Scroll Box widget on your site, you might want to update it to remove any of these sites.

Stay living, brothers and sisters.

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