Plugs 10/3

by Dylan · October 3, 2008 · Plugs · 7 Comments

As promised…Plugs.

* El Gringo from He Shot Cyrus is hosting the My Best Post blog-a-thon between today, October 3rd and October 5th. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Everyone should participate because you’ve already written your post!

Pick your BEST post, the one you’re most proud of, and send me the link between the 3rd and the 5th. I’ll post the link and everyone can start checking out each other’s goods.

Full details can be found at: He Shot Cyrus, which is where the shindig will be going on.”

* LAMB VP of Production Nick (of Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob) has a blog-a-thon in the works. Here’s the details:

“It’s going to be the Saw Blog-A-Thon. It’ll start the Monday of the week the next one comes out, and one review will be posted a day (in other words, Saw on Monday, Saw II on Tues, Saw III on Wednesday, and Saw IV on Thursday). Then, after I see Saw V on Friday, I’ll post a review for it then.

However, I want a bit more participation, as I know not everybody is as big into the series as I am…and some people might even…*gasp*…have different opinions. So what I plan on doing is giving my review, then linking to anybody else’s review for each respective movie and start off by saying whether or not it’s a positive, negative, or neutral review (much like the LAMB MOTM). That way, I get in my review, and everybody else who wants to participate in my blog-a-thon will get links to their posts, as well. It’ll be a smorgasbord of reviews!

So if anybody is interested, I would need all reviews in by October 19, because the movie comes out on the 24, and the post for Saw goes up on the 20th. Nick can be reached here.

* Rob of Natsukashi just has this for you:

“I would like to invite any bloggers who are interested in participating in recalling a film from their past for Natsukashi, if they are so interested.”

Here’s the About page for Natsukashi with more details.

* Cinema Viewfinder will be providing coverage of the 46th New York Film Festival. Author Tony Dayoub was invited to cover it, and will have reviews, press conferences, and possibly some interviews up daily. The Festival started on 9/26 and continues to 10/12.

That’s right – the LAMB has a presence at the NYFF!

* If you’re lucky (unlucky), you’ve been visited by a commenter that goes by the name of “EVIL CLOWN” (his caps, not mine). What you might not have figured out is that it is none other than our own Piper of Lazy Eye Theater, which has undergone a transformation similar to that of it’s author’s. Here, I’ll let him tell you:

“Lazy Eye Theatre has gone through a terrible and painful transformation and is now Evil Eye Theatre. Stop by every day for new and increasingly wicked posts.”

* New York ain’t the only place the LAMB is at. We’ve gone international. Here’s the word from Colleen:

“Its Vancouver International Film Fest time, and Marina from Row Three and myself, Colleen from 353review have been covering the festival.

Approximately 40+ films to be reviewed between the to of us, plus podcasts, interviews with directors…etc.”

* Like Hitchcock? You’re in luck – Shawn of Deadpan is running a marathon of Alfred’s work, with guest bloggers and all. Here’s the post that kicks it off.

* Finally, Marilyn at Ferdy on Films, etc. will begin her annual coverage of the Chicago International Film Festival, which runs October 16-29. Look for pre-festival reviews to start Sunday, October 11, and continue through to the end. There might be some special-event coverage as well.


I guess the pressure is on me to cover the Phoenix Film Festival next year. Where are our French LAMBs to cover Cannes?

Thanks for all plugs, guys and gals.

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7 Responses to Plugs 10/3

  1. elgringo says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Tomorrow’s the last day and I appreciate the support and the participation from everyone!

    He Shot Cyrus

  2. Nick says:

    Yeah, thanks for the plug!

    Come on people, you know you wanna participate!

  3. Wow, full “outlet” here…

    I’ve been offline and missed the beat, but wanted to throw out a formal invitation for everyone who plays fantasy sports (or always wanted to) to join my fantasy MOVIE league. The deadline is next Friday, October 10. Details here.

  4. EVIL CLOWN says:


    Your life will be spared for your generosity. Maybe another day.

    Stop by everyone. I’ve got cupcakes that taste funny and smell like ether.

  5. Ghidorah says:

    Sorry to say, but the french LAMB (I think I’m the only one) is as far from Cannes as you are…

  6. Ah, Cannes.

    I hope to go during my stint in Europe.

  7. Fletch says:

    Oh I know, Ghidorah…I wasn’t specifically referring to you, just making a call for a LAMB that’s located in France (or for someone to make the trip).

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