The LAMB Devours the Oscars 2009 update 2

by Dylan · January 24, 2009 · LAMB Devours the Oscars · 2 Comments

Updated: Saturday, 6:30 PM (new information below in green)

I have lots of good news and a little bad news. Let’s start with the good…

First off, judging by the poll to your left, there should be at least 29 people (not counting me) that are up for our Oscars event, 17 of which are dangerously psyched about it. I was thrilled to see those results.

Better news: I received a number of emails within days of mentioning the signup time from those of your that were interested in writing for the event. Even better yet, 6 of you volunteered to take a “lesser” category (and one special case to be explained later). That’s great! Lots of LAMMY points go out to all of you that have volunteered already.

Here are the awards already assigned. If you see your name listed below, please start and finish your analysis as soon as possible! I’m planning on starting the event no later than one week from today (Friday, January 30th), so the more I have in the bank, the better.

Name Site Category
Jess Insight Into Entertainment Best Makeup
DJ Matte Havoc Best Film Editing
Daniel Getafilm Best Documentary Feature
Pat Doodad Kind of Town Best Costume Design
Kirby Movie Dearest Best Original Song
T.S. Screen Savour Best Cinematography
Stinkylulu* Stinkylulu Best Supporting Actress
TC Popcorn N Roses Best Original Score
Thomas Pluck Pluck You, Too! Best Animated Film

* Stinkylulu’s site is essentially devoted to the Best Supporting Actress category; as such, I’ve made an exception and granted him a “major” category free and clear.

Outside of those folks, there are another 10 (the authors behind…The Dueling Cavalier, Bitchin’ Film Reviews, R2D2, The Flick Chick, Invasion of the B Movies, Spaghetti Sauce and Sweet Peas, The Center Seat, Black Sheep Reviews, Cinexcellence, and Filmicability) that have volunteered but have not been assigned a cateogry as of yet, as I’m waiting to fill out the roster before randomly assigning the rest. Which leads me to the bad news…

If you’re a math major, by now you might have figured out that that’s only 19 people. There are 24 categories. I need more excellent writers! If you are one, you should totally volunteer! Note: to those that volunteered and offered to do more than one entry – first of all, thank you, but I’d like to give as many people that are interested a chance, so for now the door remains open. But I very much appreciate the offer and may take you up on it as the event nears.

If you weren’t a member last year, here’s the quick skinny: we had an event where a different LAMB wrote up an analysis of each award that the Academy would be handing out. I got commitments from everyone, took volunteers for the “lesser” categories and randomly assigned the major ones. What we ended up with was a diverse, excellently-written daily series timed to lead up and stop on the day prior to the Oscars. It was linked to IMDb’s Hit List and was generally an all-around hit for all involved, I dare say.

If you’re interested in taking part this year, please respond to this via email ( Serious interest only, please, as we can’t have empty days. There are but 24 categories at the Academy Awards, so it’ll be first come, first served for starters. If you have interest in a category outside of the majors, let me know as well, and there’s a good chance you’ll get it. More details as we near the starting date, which ought to be right around the end of January (the Oscars ceremony will be held on February 22nd). Click the label below to read/check out last year’s entries.

I will be in touch will everyone as soon as the lineup is filled out. Thanks again to all of the volunteers (and future volunteers)!


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  1. Nick says:

    Maybe I’m colorblind, but your changes in ‘red’ look awfully a lot like bright green.

  2. Fletch says:

    Nope, that’s me that’s color blind. I’ll edit… 🙁

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