PRESS RELEASE: Blog Smog by Dentyne

by Dylan · April 6, 2009 · Press Release · 1 Comment

My name is Sarah and I’m contacting you on behalf of Sinuate Media. Our client Dentyne had just released a short animated film poking fun at blogger stereotypes (mostly about how we sit alone staring at computers all day). Given how much time everyone spends online, we think the story will make people smile. The film is part of Dentyne’s Make Face Time campaign reminding everyone to take breaks from technology and spend more time together in real life.

We thought you and your readers would get a kick out of our film and wanted to share it with you. Here’s the link:
Let us know what you think!

And feel free to pull embed codes from our YouTube Channel:

Sarah Conn
Account Executive
Sinuate Media, LLC – The Organic Marketing Company SM

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  1. Mrs Fletch says:

    My favorite part is the “I can has cheezeburger?” poster at the end.

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