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by Dylan · April 2, 2009 · Uncategorized · No Comments

If you’re a movie blogger and have your site and email listed just about anywhere, it seems as though that’s all it takes to get on a number of mailing lists and/or to be seen as a potential consumer for any number of products, from other websites to independent films to major studio films to t-shirts and more.

Some months back, I added a “P.R. and stuff” thread to the LAMB Forums as a place for me to share this information with others that might be interested. A few other LAMBs have posted such emails there as well. However, it an effort to position the LAMB as a bigger supporter of independent film (amongst other things), I’m going to start posting (the ones I see as valid and/or interesting, using my vast powers of editorialism) them here. It’s in an attempt at giving them greater exposure, but is also done so that the people that send me such offers can see the fruits of their labor and hopefully get a better response.

In time, I’d like the LAMB to be seen as a great resource for independent filmmakers; after all, what could be better than direct exposure to hundreds of film blogs, each with their own unique audiences? Of course, no one will be interested in every film/offer, but for every one that is, there’s a potential snowball effect that can really get the LAMB – and in turn, the LAMB’s member sites – noticed.

So, I just wanted to give you all a heads-up before I start rampantly posting these things. Should you receive any that you think would interest the public at-large, feel free to email them to me or, better yet, join the LAMB Forums and post them there.

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