Pitch the LAMB: Parents Just Don’t Understand

by Courtney · April 1, 2010 · Pitch the LAMB · 1 Comment

Hello, CS here with the March submissions for Pitch the LAMB. I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all who participated. Each pitch was unique and could easily be made into a film. Before we get to the pitches, here is a quick reminder of the genre and words/phrases:

Movie Genre: Coming-of-Age
10 words/phrases to get you started:
  1. Working 
  2. He’s going to kill you… 
  3. Loner 
  4. She does not know I am alive…
  5. Hey Frankie…
  6. Kissed
  7. Do not tell Dad…
  8. Virginity
  9. You did what?
  10. Grounded
The Pitches:

First up, Rick Swift of Iratefilms.com offers up a fictional review of his film starring Hayden Panettiere. The film not only cements Panettiere as a serious actress, but it also sheds light on the issue of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Let’s see…young actress playing against type, serious issue, tragic love story…Panettiere may want to get her Oscar dress ready!

Iratefilms.com presents “In The Spirit of Piece

When it comes to casting, Fletch at Blog Cabins has decided to conduct a search for an unknown to play the lead role of Mitch Montgomery. Mitch is the mischievous 15 year-old who will do anything, including being buried alive, to get the attention of the girl of his dreams. Word around town is that Universal and Miramax are currently in a bidding war for the rights to distribute the film.

Blog Cabins presents “You Did What?

Simon, the mastermind behind Four of Them, offers up a story for the hipster inside all of us. This may be the shortest pitch of the group but the cast alone, which features some of Hollywood’s hottest young actors, makes this film a must see. TMZ is reporting that Morgan Freeman liked the idea so much that he offered to take a pay cut just to be in the film.

Four of Them presents “Rhymes with Duck

Andrew of Encore’s World of Film & TV conjures up a tragic period piece about a woman, Margaret, torn between what her heart wants and what others want from her. According to Variety, there is a buzz building for the film amongst Academy insiders. Andrew is letting his readers come up with a title for the film, if you have a suggestion for a good title be sure to let him know.

Encore’s World of Film & TV presents “Untitled

Lastly, Big Thoughts From A Small Mind brings us a tale of friendship on the open road. Entertainment Weekly reports that this small indie film is still looking for financing. Though P.T. Anderson has been linked as a possible director.

Big Thoughts From A Small Mind presents “Mutiny, I Promise You

Thanks again to all who took part in this month’s Pitch the LAMB. April’s edition is just around the corner.

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