PLUG: The Dark of the Matinee

by Rachel · March 7, 2011 · Plugs · No Comments


Many of you might have heard me refer to the fact that my wife Lady Hatter and I have our dvd collections separated. You might have also heard me refer to her collection as the “Left-Hand Shelf of Crap”. Well, it shall henceforth be referred to as the “Left-Hand Shelf of Doom” – and it will also be the source of a blog-a-thon at The Dark of The Matinee.

Now, when posing this idea to my blushing bride, I noted that we could play things one of two ways. I could actually use it as a source of great wealth, since she does have some great films on said shelves that I’ve never seen. Or, it could become the source of great misery for me as she has a lot of titles I want no part of.

Ever the sadist, she chose the latter, and here’s where you folks come in…

She has whittled the shortlist down to 21 crap-tastic titles I’ve never seen, and have no desire to see. To wit, she’s pretty sure these are films I will not like.

For the next four weeks, I’ll be keeping a poll in the sidebar of my blog and I want you fine people to be the ones to decide which films I should be forced to watch. You can vote for as many titles as you wish, and vote as often as you want. On April 8th, the poll will close and the top seven vote-getters will be added to the watchlist for the blog-a-thon.

So have at it folks – vote early, vote often, and bring on the pain.

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