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Some of you may know me already as the author of the infrequently updated 7 Dollar Popcorn (LAMB #80). If you’ve read 7dp lately or follow me, or the blog on Twitter, you may have heard that I was in a movie last year called Dead Woods. Well, that movie is finished, printed and ON SALE NOW.

Here’s the thing, I was very involved in this movie. I just can’t be objective about it. I need someone who can be. So, I’m going to give away a copy of the movie. That’s right, I have a copy of Dead Woods that I want to mail to someone. So what do you need to do? Well, there’s two things, 1) Have a movie blog and 2) send me a link to it before 11:59 on May 15th!. You can comment at, or you can send me and email at! That’s it! I’ll pick a winner at random and mail off a copy of the movie! It’s a pretty simple little contest!

Dead Woods is a 2011 independent, directorial debut slasher-comedy written directed filmed and produced by artist and designer Tom Savage ( Dead Woods began production on April 11th, 2010 and was filmed entirely in Ray and Sterling Heights Michigan. Dead Woods features a collaboration of local Michigan actors, film students, and musicians-including “Panama” Doug Cartwright and local rock-metal musicians from the band Hell Rides North (Ryan Arini and Vinnie Bombz). The movie began as a final exam project at the Macomb Community College storyboard class taught by colleague, professor and friend Matt Busch of Star Wars art. Dead Woods was inspired by a film Matt himself had written directed and starred in, titled CONJURE.

Dead Woods was filmed with almost no budget of any kind, yet what it lack in finance Tom Savage made up with overwhelming support from local film producers, actors and even Matt Busch himself who was kind enough to make a cameo death scene in the film.

The ultimate objective of Dead Woods was to create a throw back to the late 70s early 80s boom of slasher films in the industry after the success of such classics like Black Christmas (1974) Halloween (1978) and Sleep Away Camp (1983).

Dead Woods began its production on April 11th 2010, after director Tom Savage began a Facebook open invite to anyone interested in being a part of the project. Within days Tom’s door was flooded with a full cast of old friends and new friends willing to help out. An acquaintance at the time Jeremy Thiel offered up his home’s location as a possible film set. After viewing, Tom decided to take advantage of the home’s appeal and rewrite the entire movie, mostly to eliminate the constrictions of filming entirely in one place outside. The first two days of filming were a grueling nightmare for Tom and the cast as it was a large learning experience in the lessons of filming. After many obstacles, Tom nearly gave up production until his attempt at the first death scene (Danielle). Even though the scene was riddled with errors and struggles and required 3 additional re-shoots, Tom became addicted to the goal of completing the film after seeing the first special effect spray of blood. He announced “Ladies and gentleman we’ve got ourselves a god damn movie” to the delight of the crew on set that agreed.

The entire film production took 6 months and two additional months after the first Halloween night premiere for a few scene re-shoots.

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