Brutally Blunt Blog Blusterings #54: Passion for Film

by Rachel · July 13, 2011 · Blog Blustering · 4 Comments

It’s Blusterin’ Time!

If you’re new to this feature or need a refresher, click the label at the bottom of this post and see the first few posts. Otherwise, here are the basics:

What I do is list a site; you critique it. But here’s the catch: to induce the most honest reactions, don’t leave the comment using your normal alias/login – instead, go anonymous, and be as brutally honest (or complimentary) as you wish to be. Also, be specific, and naturally, don’t be rude. If I deem anything inappropriate, I’ll have no problem deleting the comment.

So, go to the site listed below, familiarize yourself with it for a few minutes, then come back and leave some constructive criticism and/or comments that you have.

And remember: Blustering should be a two-way street; if you’ve asked to be blustered, you better be a blusterer.

Site: Passion for Film
LAMB#: 830

If you would like to have your blog blustered by fellow LAMBs, please send me an email containing your site’s info and “Bluster Me!” in the subject line.


4 Responses to Brutally Blunt Blog Blusterings #54: Passion for Film

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good content, I like your favorite actresses listing. Your lay-out is clean and organized. You should post more frequently and try to boost your readership. I’m sure that following and commenting on other blogs would do you good.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your layout is very clean and I think your blog is beautiful from an appearance standpoint. The one thing you might want to do, specifically on your Project: 1993, is link back to the original post. I had to go back to your March posts to figure out what your project was all about. It bums me out that in 1993, I was only a year or two younger than you are now.

    Oh, and might I suggest The Joy Luck Club and Carlito’s Way.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a fine blog, especially from such a young writer. The prose immature in spots and generally needs a little polish, but overall the posts read well and are surprisingly engaging — all the necessary improvements will come in time. Most young people (heck, most LAMB members in general) don’t do critical readings in their reviews, and a few of your reviews are gems. Nice work, keep going.

  4. Chelsea says:

    Thanks a lot for your comments!

    Anon 1: Yes, I’m working on that. I don’t have much time but I try to read other blogs as much as I can.

    Anon 2: You’re absolutely right. I will link back or explain in short what Project 1993 is about. Thanks for pointing that out 🙂

    Anon 3: Thank you, that really means a lot! This year, I’m taking some writing courses so I hope that will help maturing and polishing my writing.

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