Brutally Blunt Blog Blusterings #55: Maynard Morrissey’s Horror Movie Diary

by Rachel · July 22, 2011 · Blog Blustering · 2 Comments

It’s Blusterin’ Time!

If you’re new to this feature or need a refresher, click the label at the bottom of this post and see the first few posts. Otherwise, here are the basics:

What I do is list a site; you critique it. But here’s the catch: to induce the most honest reactions, don’t leave the comment using your normal alias/login – instead, go anonymous, and be as brutally honest (or complimentary) as you wish to be. Also, be specific, and naturally, don’t be rude. If I deem anything inappropriate, I’ll have no problem deleting the comment.

So, go to the site listed below, familiarize yourself with it for a few minutes, then come back and leave some constructive criticism and/or comments that you have.

And remember: Blustering should be a two-way street; if you’ve asked to be blustered, you better be a blusterer.

Site: Maynard Morrissey’s Horror Movie Diary
LAMB#: 953

If you would like to have your blog blustered by fellow LAMBs, please send me an email containing your site’s info and “Bluster Me!” in the subject line.


2 Responses to Brutally Blunt Blog Blusterings #55: Maynard Morrissey’s Horror Movie Diary

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice blog, especially for horror fans. I’m not sure centering the text is the best move, though. It makes the font harder to read, especially when combined with the red letters. I’d suggest just left-aligning the copy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    1. Like the previous person said, centering and the use of red font is distracting. Especially the red color after a while.
    2. Language. It’s me and I’m no one to tell you how to express yourself, but I avoid use of certain words like the F word.
    3. Your side bars are extremely crowded. Too much going on and thus everything seems to loose focus.

    All the best.

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