PLUG: The Great Movie Project

by Rachel · August 18, 2011 · Plugs · No Comments
World in Film Blogathon

A list of seven movies: one that is filmed, set, or produced in each continent. So, the list should include one film each from Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. Include a sentence or two explaining why it was picked (and “it was the only one I could find” sums up MY pick for Antarctica pretty nicely). Selections can be any language, genre, or theme.

Submissions can be made in comment form (with link) to or by email (with link) to [email protected] from September 9 to September 12.


Got a Press Release, something to Plug, or a Screener available for review (or some combination of the three)? Ok, don’t get all crazy about it. Just click here and give me the details (what, when, where, and a link, for starters) – I’ll handle the rest.