LAMBcast #91: LAMBpardy! #3

by Shep. Burman · November 6, 2011 · LAMBcast, Podcasts · No Comments

The LAMBcast’s version of America’s Favorite Game Show (or is that Wheel of Fortune? Price is Right?) is back!

Kai lost last time, but was kind enough to return as host of the game so that I might play. I squared off against Dan Heaton and the reigning champ Rachel. Hats off to Kai for coming up with questions (er, answers…whatever) that were not too hard and too not easy (the main complaint from the previous entries being that the board was too difficult). And whaddaya know – we even got through it while remembering to phrase our answers in the form of a question. So who won? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

And yes, just so you know, LAMBpardy episopdes will be a semi-regular feature of the LAMBcast (at least in the short-term), so keep an eye out over at the Forums, as demand to be a contestant is high, and there’s a max of three contestants per show (and one of them is the returning champ).

Also on tap:

* Rants of the Week
* Raves of the Week
* Last LAMB Standing

If you’re interested, you too can be a LAMBcaster – we love new blood! For more information on the LAMBcast, check out the topic at the LAMB Forums. Music provided royalty-free by Kevin MacLeod’s Incompetech website. Big thanks to Kevin for providing this service. The LAMBcast loves feedback, too. Either here in the comments section or to [email protected] or to our Facebook page. Also, we’re on iTunes, and would still love a review, even if it’s a bad one.

Thanks for listening!

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