LAMB Photoshop #9 Winner & #10 Contest

by Jason Soto · December 14, 2011 · LAMB Photoshop · 12 Comments

Sorry this is late. I totally forgot yesterday was Tuesday. But anyway, we have an interesting win. In the “If A Movie Character Ran For President” contest, the winner with the most votes is:

But Dylan isn’t able to win any of the prizes, so the winner to have a shot to win one of the prizes is:

The Droid You’re Looking For

Congratulations! As a reminder, after this next contest, I will put all the previous winners in one post and you guys, the readers, will vote on who should win Best Overall! Isn’t that exciting? And as always, the prizes, bought to you by are:
1st prize – $75 Amazon voucher (American only)
2nd prize – $50 Amazon voucher (American only)
(If you’re from the UK, we will offer you a UK prize pack, so don’t let that worry you.)
So the next contest is pretty simple. The Rock and Vin Diesel, both former action stars, eventually turned to making crappy Disney flicks. So this got me thinking: What If Jason Statham Started Making Disney Films? You have until Monday December 26th at 11:00 PM EST to send in your LAMB “schops” (That was lame, I’m sorry). Email them to and please include your name and the name of your site/blog.
Thanks and good luck!

EDIT: Just in case anyone is wondering, due to all the controversy, here’s the breakdown of all the votes (Click to see bigger):