LAMB Photoshop #9 Winner & #10 Contest

by Jason Soto · December 14, 2011 · LAMB Photoshop · 12 Comments

Sorry this is late. I totally forgot yesterday was Tuesday. But anyway, we have an interesting win. In the “If A Movie Character Ran For President” contest, the winner with the most votes is:

But Dylan isn’t able to win any of the prizes, so the winner to have a shot to win one of the prizes is:

The Droid You’re Looking For

Congratulations! As a reminder, after this next contest, I will put all the previous winners in one post and you guys, the readers, will vote on who should win Best Overall! Isn’t that exciting? And as always, the prizes, bought to you by are:
1st prize – $75 Amazon voucher (American only)
2nd prize – $50 Amazon voucher (American only)
(If you’re from the UK, we will offer you a UK prize pack, so don’t let that worry you.)
So the next contest is pretty simple. The Rock and Vin Diesel, both former action stars, eventually turned to making crappy Disney flicks. So this got me thinking: What If Jason Statham Started Making Disney Films? You have until Monday December 26th at 11:00 PM EST to send in your LAMB “schops” (That was lame, I’m sorry). Email them to and please include your name and the name of your site/blog.
Thanks and good luck!

EDIT: Just in case anyone is wondering, due to all the controversy, here’s the breakdown of all the votes (Click to see bigger):

12 Responses to LAMB Photoshop #9 Winner & #10 Contest

  1. Anonymous says:

    technically those aren’t photoshop jobs, they just slapped text over images. Photoshop contest should involved manipulating the images. Just my two cents.

  2. Dylan says:

    I smell sour graaaapes! 😀

    You are of course entitled to your opinion, Anon, but they don’t have to technically be “Adobe Photoshop” works of art. After all, that would eliminate a solid 80% of the potential people out there who don’t have the program/don’t know it. It’s just supposed to be for fun and get some laughs!

  3. JoelB says:

    Anon: Hahahahahah

  4. Jason Soto says:

    Whoever this Anonymous person is, they are just always full of negativity. To paraphrase from one of my favorite TV Shows: “It’s just a website, you really should just relax.”

    And more or less what Dylan said, not everybody has photoshop so they can only do what they can in their photo editing program or (god forbid) MS Paint, which if you ever tried to use, isn’t a whole lot. I like to include as many people as possible and not alienate those who ONLY have Photoshop. I’m sure if I took a poll on who all had Photoshop, it’d be 1%

  5. I’m sorry, but I’d have to agree with Anonymous. Yes technically The 40 Year Old Virgin spoof is a photoshop, but anyone can slap text over an image. Look at my photoshop for example, I put time and effort into it, including the tagline – I changed a black character to a white one for goodness sake! (Chris Rock To Tom Hanks)

    I thought I’d have a great shot with winning this one seeing as Forrest Gump is one of the most recognisable film characters.

    Ah well. Effort doesn’t count I guess.

    (I don’t use Photoshop however – basic Paint Shop Pro 9 skills!)

    I’ll still have a go at the next one. It makes you think who is voting.

  6. Nick says:

    It’s my experience that the person who comes defending “Anonymous” often turns out to be the aforementioned Anonymous, especially if that person has a reason to be upset.

    But to add my own 2 cents to the debate… I can see both sides. On one hand, I do understand why you’d be upset. But on the other hand, Dylan and Jason are right that you shouldn’t be left out merely because you don’t have the ability to do photoshop skills. As it is, Jason is getting almost less than a handful of responses every time. To say you have to have advanced photo-editing skills is going to eliminate pretty much everybody and make the competition useless.

  7. JoelB says:

    Well it would be easier to win if 80% of the competition couldn’t participate. =)

  8. Japan Cinema says:

    If I could weigh in I do find it ironic that out of 5 entries, 3 were photo minupulation jobs and 2 were just pics with text over it. Guess which 2 got recognized? I love Dylan and MILF site, he knows that. But if you had a stopwatch next to me I could have made his entry in 8 seconds flat. With a ‘photoshop’ contest with a $75 dollar top prize I just expected a bit more. *shrug* My biggest complaint is the voting, makes you wonder if there is a bit of favoritism, as that Forrest Gump entry was solid….

    Anywho, I am not upset or anything, I am just keeping it real. I love being apart of the LAMB, ive been a member for like 2+ years. I’m friends with everyone and congrats to the winner.

  9. Jason Soto says:

    Just in case anyone was wondering, I added a snapshot of how the votes broke down. I dunno if this will help squash all this controversy or not, but here it is.

    At the start of this, I said you didn’t NEED awesome photoshopping skills to participate, I wanted this to be open to everybody. Then when the people vote, it’s what the people voted for. In my opinion, it seems like people are going more for what makes them laugh than the amount of effort. Not saying you should NOT put any effort into it. I hope this doesn’t stop everybody from participating. We only got one more contest before we pick an overall winner. And to be fair, The Droid You’re Looking For, who won the past few contests, seems to put in a lot of work in their entries, including this one. He did have to mess with the picture a little bit to make it look the way it looks.

    Just my two cents.

  10. Dylan says:

    Ok, first off, my wife owns her own graphic design company, so I know all about the plight of the graphic designer and how it’s a spit in the face those of you with TRU SKILLZ to see crude MS Paint (or whatever) ‘designs’ win in this game. I really do appreciate that people care enough to complain about the winner here and don’t wish to discourage debate and the sense of community…

    …but this is fucking ridiculous. Where was this passion in all of the previous installments of this game? When photos that were manipulated won?

    Jason has been practically begging people to play – a couple times there was one submission and another time there were NONE.

    Moreover, in the first post of this feature, he stated this:

    “I’ll give you a theme, and using any photo editing software you want (Photoshop, Paint, whatever else is out there), you make a picture that relates to that theme…Sound like fun? I KNOW!”

    Two things to note: this is not limited to experts, and it’s supposed to be FUN! And why would there be favoritism towards me when I’m not eligible to win the prize? What would be the point? To stroke my ego? I’m obviously not a designer – I mostly try to send something in to Jason to beef up the number of entries.

    Aside from all that, I would assume that people vote heavily based on how funny they think it is, and damnit, mine was the funniest! 😀

  11. John says:

    Thanks for having my back there, Jason. I’ll admit that it was a simplistic design, but I did indeed “Photoshop” it. I’ll gladly show the .psd files, the original images that were used (and explain why I chose those particular images), the layer effects applied, the fonts I downloaded specifically for those posters, why I chose the fonts I chose, why I placed copy where I placed it, why I chose etc… Frankly, if you look at a lot of traditional campaign posters, they are extremely simplistic, and the campaign poster look is what I was going for with all of the .jpgs in my article, which included many more than just the Hynkel version.

    To each their own and all of that- I do these precisely because they’re fun. If I can win a prize, that’s awesome, but my blog runs stuff like this all of the time. I’d be doing stuff like this anyway. I’m just thankful that LAMB has these contests to keep me focused and give me ideas. It’s one less idea that I have to come up with, and the ideas are great. They’re easy to work with.

    As for other people and their entries, people who *GASP* DARE TO USE MS PAINT or any other program, more power to them. It’s none of my business to tell other people how they should or should not enter fake photoshop jobs in an online contest.

  12. Japan Cinema – thanks for the appreciation!

    Time to start the next photoshop competition…

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