LAMB Photoshops #10 Winner And Vote For Round 1 Winner

by Jason Soto · January 3, 2012 · LAMB Photoshop · 6 Comments

Ok everybody, the time has arrived. Honestly, I’m on the edge of my seat. I have no idea how this is going to play out. But before we get to the main event… The winner of Contest #10 in Round 1, “If Jason Statham Made A Disney Film” is:

For those of you curious, here’s how the votes broke down:

With that done, it’s time to vote on a Round 1 winner! What I’m gonna do is post all the previous winners that’s allowed to win the prizes (meaning Dylan’s and Rachel’s wins won’t be posted) and the topics that correspond and what you have to do is vote WHO, overall, did the best job. And by best you can go by overall quality and/or funniest. Whatever you want to use, just vote. And try to be fair. Here we go. 

#1: If Michael Bay Remade Classic Films

#2: If R-Rated Films Were Turned Into Children Films(Originally won by Rachel, so I’m putting the second place winner here)

Shane of Film Actually 

 #3: If Wes Anderson Made A Superhero Films

Anna from Split Reel 

 #4: If Big Budget Movies Had A Small Budget

Matt from Matt vs The Academy

#5: If George Lucas Kept Messing With The Original Star Wars

John from The Droid You’re Looking For

 (There was no submissions for #6.) 

 #7: If Romantic Comedies Were Horror Movies

The Droid You’re Looking For

 #8: If Every Movie Was Made By Merchant Ivory Productions

Matt vs The Academy

#9: If A Movie Character Ran For President

The Droid You’re Looking For

 #10: If Jason Statham Made A Disney Film

The Droid You’re Looking For 

Voting will close on Monday, January 9th at 11PM EST. I will announce the winner. And one final reminder what the prizes are, bought to you by
1st prize – $75 Amazon voucher (American only)
2nd prize – $50 Amazon voucher (American only)
(If you’re from the UK, we will offer you a UK prize pack, so don’t let that worry you.)
Thanks to everybody who submitted ‘shops and to those up for the prizes, good luck!

6 Responses to LAMB Photoshops #10 Winner And Vote For Round 1 Winner

  1. I lost out by one vote!

    So you’re telling me Droid wins, on top of his first win?!?

    Ain’t there another photoshop competition, instead of someone who already won winning again?

    Or are you trying to find the best of the best or something.

  2. Jason Soto says:

    Dude, what are you talking about now?

    I said early on that whoever won the previous 10 contests would be up to win the Round 1 prize. Only 5 people won the past 10 rounds and that’s what people have to vote for.

    I tried everything to make this as fair as possible, even going so far as posting the results. I have no control over who wins.

    Sorry if you lost by one vote. If you’re saying I should tell Droid he can’t participate in any further contests, that wouldn’t be exactly fair, would it?

  3. JoelB says:

    Jason a BTS vlog on the photoshops is hereby requested.

    I already look forward to the next season. =)

  4. Fair enough. Just thought I should have won the Movie President one… (took me ages!)

  5. JoelB says:

    BollyHood: Better luck next season! I love the commitment you put into it as of late though. =)

  6. KevinLamb says:

    We should become media partners. My name is Kevin Alan Lamb, I am the dictator of diction @ Shaggy Lamb Productions, where words are our way. Where professional sport meets music.

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