The next Movie of the Month will be…

by Dylan · January 28, 2012 · MOTM · 3 Comments

The poll results are in – thank you to the 86 voters who took part. The next MOTM will be The Shining, which led pretty much the whole time thanks to a strong push from Fogs’ Movie Reviews and finished with a hefty 26.7% of the votes. Here’s what goes down from here:

* The first thing you need to know is that February 11th is the big day. You have about 2 weeks to watch the flick (this posting is a few days late – my apologies for that) and to write up something, then send me the link (dylan at; posting to the LAMB’s Twitter account or to mine does not suffice) to either what you write or something previously written. If you’re planning on doing the former, please hold the post in draft until the 11th (you can send a link prior if you have the capability to do so).

* On February 4th, we’ll be recording our MOTM-themed episode of the LAMBcast, where we’ll dissect and discuss The Shining. If you’d like to get in on it…sorry, that show is full. But keep an eye out at the LAMB Forums to for the future shows schedule, as people often have to bail before the day arrives.

* On the 11th, the LAMBcast will be posted, as well as all of the links to anything written. In addition, I’ll include a poll to decide what the next MOTM flick will be. That poll will run for a week, and then there’ll be 3-4 weeks until the next event, and so on.

Here are the final results of the poll:

* The Shining, Hackers, and It Could Happen to You will be removed from the next poll.


3 Responses to The next Movie of the Month will be…

  1. Dave Enkosky says:

    Cool. Now I’ll have an excuse to watch The Shinning again.

  2. JoelB says:

    Damn the same movies do keep coming back week after week. I was kind of hoping to see Dog Day Afternoon go this week.

  3. Bunty Bubly says:

    hindi movie reviews. Nice movie. I saw this movie and now planing to watch this movie again.

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