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by Joel · February 15, 2012 · New Poll · 1 Comment

We apparently have two psychic LAMB’s!!! Thats at least my reading of this outcome since I think it was an achievement  of the academy to manage to scramble together nine films with at least 5%  top votes and still not include Drive!!!

Enough ranting, its happy times! On the next poll I’d like to find out how often you visit the LAMB site (you are currently on it if you for some reason didn’t know it)!

Also don’t forget to get your votes in for the current MOTM selection if you haven’t already voted! Its located on the left sidebar below this poll!

Editor’s note: Apparently I left my brain at home when writing this one. Its of course only nine nominee’s this year! Thanks Nick for pointing that out.

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  1. Nick says:

    You mean 2 psychic LAMBs? Only 2 people voted 9 from that image.

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