The next Movie of the Month will be…

by Dylan · February 20, 2012 · MOTM · 6 Comments

The Fogs’ Movie Reviews takeover of the LAMB is nearing completion. First, Dan went and flexed his muscle to get The Shining to be last month’s selection. But that wasn’t enough….no, not by a long stretch. When I announced the new Champions wrinkle, he was all over it, and quickly took to the streets, haggling everyone and anyone he could to vote for his selection.

Or maybe folks just liked his choice best. Though that can’t possibly be true, can it?

At any rate, Blade Runner was the overwhelming choice for this month MOTM, taking the poll with a whopping 38.2% of the votes, more than the combined total for the next two films. It’s also safe to say that the Champions twist was a boffo success, as we destroyed our previous best vote total by more than double, ending with 204 votes. Thanks to all, and congrats to Fogs!

Here’s what goes down from here:

* The first thing you need to know is that March 17th is the big day. You have about 4 weeks to watch the flick (if for some reason you have yet to), write up something, then send me the link (dylan at; posting to the LAMB’s Twitter account or to mine does not suffice) to either what you write or something previously written. If you’re planning on doing the former, please hold the post in draft until the 17th (you can send a link prior if you have the capability to do so).

* On March 10th, we’ll be recording our MOTM-themed episode of the LAMBcast, where we’ll dissect and discuss Blade Runner. If you’d like to get in on it…sorry, that show is full. But keep an eye out at the LAMB Forums to for the future shows schedule, as people often have to bail before the day arrives.

* On the 17th, the LAMBcast will be posted, as well as all of the links to anything written. In addition, I’ll include a poll to decide what the next MOTM flick will be (the call for new Champions will be coming at some point before then). That poll will run for a week, and then there’ll be 3-4 weeks until the next event, and so on.

Here are the final results of the poll:

* Blade Runner and Cube will be removed from the future MOTM consideration. Likewise, Fogs will be ineligible to become a Champion for the next three months.

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6 Responses to The next Movie of the Month will be…

  1. Dave Enkosky says:

    Sweet, I actually just finished reading, for the first time, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. This’ll be a fun one.

  2. Joel Burman says:

    I t would be interesting with a comparison post between the book and one of the film versions if you have the time.

    Was the book good by the way?

  3. Lindsay says:

    Congrats Fogs! In related news, I just saw this awesome poster (via slashfilm) for Blade Runner that just came out:

  4. Dave Enkosky says:

    I think I might do a comparison piece. Although (or maybe because of the fact that) the two works are quite dissimilar, I enjoyed them both equally. Dick’s novel certainly uses more of a comedic tone at parts.

  5. Thanks Lindsay! And cool poster…

    Joel, the good news is now I wont get to play again for another three months.

  6. Joel Burman says:

    Congrats Fogs, you apparently have some following.

    Dylan: Removing Cube feel a little strange, I think with this new format we should just have it like submit a film that you want to champion. Who knows, maybe Nick feel that he wants to campaign harder for Cube next month by writing a series of posts etc. then I think he should be able to.

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