Shepherds Pie March Edition!

by Shep. Burman · March 7, 2012 · Shepherds Pie · 13 Comments

I originally intended to combine this post with the LOTM announcement but I decided to split them up. This first post will be about my own brief history with the LAMB and some thoughts of the future.

I don’t recall when I first discovered the LAMB, I thought it was back in 2002 when I lived in Topeka Kansas but that can’t be accurate because it hasn’t been around for that long. My faintest memory evolved around seeing a LAMB scores post and I thought: “thats a smart thing!”

I didn’t take me long to realize it probably would be a good idea to join the LAMB when starting my own blog, so in April 2011 my site was accepted onto the LAMB. In December just a couple of days before christmas I got an e-mail by Dylan who asked me if I would be interested in taking over as Shepherd after Rachel.

My main reason for saying yes to this offer came mainly from the idea that I think the LAMB is a wonderful resource that can be even more prominent and world leading than it already is.

We are by far the biggest and fastest growing community of movie blogs and I wish that we could come together to the point that our joint voice can help a film of the ground, push it to number one on Netflix or even cancel a crappy and unnecessary sequel.

Thats the kind of long term influence I think the LAMB should be aiming for. However, for the LAMB to evolve toward something like that I’ll need your help.

So this is an official call-out to you LAMBs in general but I’d also encourage LAMBs with specific skills to get back to me since its always an advantage with specialists when going for world domination.

Here are some skills/professions that I’d be especially keen to get on board.

  • Online Advertising Sales Manager – I’ve already been approached by a couple of advertisers about advertising on the LAMB site. I look for some one who has some experience in rounding up and doing good advertising deals. For instance I’d like to find sponsors for our LAMB podcasting Network but also to more specific features like the Lammys etc. 
  • Google Plus Administrator – Google Plus is currently the forbidden zone/outer rim of the LAMB. I would need for someone to administrate our presence on it. I have setup a page but as of know I neither have the time or the know how to do it myself. Note that you don’t need to be Google Plus expert (I don’t mind if you are though) as long as you have right attitude for such a task. That means mostly being patient and positive.
  • LAMB Welcoming Committee – There is an enormous amount of LAMBs applying for membership right now and I think would be a great thing that we welcome our new members more actively. As of now David from NTEMP is the sole member of the committee but I think it would be awesome to have a couple more people on it because the coming weeks of new LAMBs are staggering.
  • LAMB Game Show Host – I want to reactivate the Invasion of the LAMBs and Stump the LAMB features by combining them into a two part weekly game with a combined score board.
  • Doc Chop/Foreign Chop Editor – It was brought up on the forum that we could try out another edition of our Chop round-up posts but this time focusing on Docs and Foreign Films.
  • LAMB Feature Contributors – You have an idea for a new reoccurring feature or want to pick up one of the dead ones feel free to let me know. As mentioned in the latest LOTM post the Vern will be re-booting our trailer talk/thrashing feature so that one is out of bounds. 

I’d also appreciate if festival covering/visiting LAMBs would share their knowledge on festivals by doing presentations on the LAMB about them. Everything from general info to good hotels and hidden gems of that city could be very valuable.

I’d like to highlight the importance of hanging out in the LAMBforums. Most things that are presented on the LAMB site have often emerged from discussions in the forum. So if you want to be on top of things or want to give your input early on I suggest you start by checking there.

I sure hope that I could inspire someone with this post but if thats not the case I give you the greatest training montage of the world. If that doesn’t get your pheromone’s going I don’t know what will!

Tack för ordet!