PLUG: #Filmspanarna

by Joel · April 5, 2012 · Plugs · No Comments

Hey there, Its your household Shepherd here with a plug. As some may know me and Jessica have started up a monthly film blogger meetup in Stockholm.

Last saturday we had our third gathering focusing around The Hunger Games that we saw on the afternoon and then we went out for food and drinks.

When we watch films together like this we have started our own blogathon on the film by the participating members. So if you spot this banner you know what it means.

Here is our Hunger Games links (I know that a couple of the the Swedish ones have translation widgets on them so don’t be a stranger):
Fripps Filmrevyer
Bilder och Ord
Fiffis Filmtajm
The Velvet Cafe
Deny Everything

So if you’re ever in Stockholm make sure to hit us up and we’ll arrange something on a long or a short notice!

Tack för ordet!

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