PLUG: Tom Clift in North America

by Joel · July 14, 2012 · Plugs · No Comments

Tom Clift here, from Melbourne, Australia. You may know me at the blogger behind Reviews by Tom, the host of “Double Feature Friday” at Man I Love Films, or as an occasional voice on the LAMBcast. 
After three years of blogging, tweeting and podcasting at your from the other side of the world, I’m excited to announce that this year I’ll finally be making the trip to Canada and the USA, between September 5th and October 27th.
If you’re going to be in any of the places mentioned in my itinerary, including but not limited to Toronto, Chicago, Austin, New York, Pheonix and Los Angeles and are interested in catching up for a drink and movie, let me know via twitter (@tom_clift), or by commenting on this post. I’ll also be announcing additional cities in the coming weeks.
Tom Clift

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