Lamb Chop-Ups #12

by Bubbawheat · September 17, 2012 · LAMB Chop-Ups · No Comments

This is the last round in this series of the game. The overall winner will have their site’s name done up in a chop-up style using their own favorite movies for the letters. This round is a big one, and there’s two bonus movies, one based on the entire puzzle, and one is one of the numbers themselves, I have a feeling you’ll know it once you figure it out. If this is your first time playing, I have a word spelled out from cut up movie posters, or in this case math equations. Your job is to guess which movie each number came from. There’s no extra tricks, each number is pretty much exactly as it appears on the movie poster.

Edit: the last equation should read: 3 + 3 + 4 / IV

Some notes: While I try to use official movie posters, I don’t always use the most well-known posters. The first person to get each line right will get 5 points, the first person to get each of the bonus movies correct will get 5 points, and everyone else will get 1 point for being the first person to guess each letter correctly, so be sure to toss out your guesses even if you don’t know them all at once.

Last Week’s Answers:

L- Lamb – Nick
A- Black Sheep 2006 – Jay
M- The Silence of the Lambs – Movie Waffler
B- Babe – Jay

C- Lady Caroline Lamb – Nick
H- Shepherd of the Hills
O- Broke
P- Black Sheep 1996 – Nick

— The Good Shepherd – Nick

U- Charlotte’s Web – Movie Waffler
P- The Sheepman
S- Lions for Lambs – Nick

Congrats to Dusty on finding all of the movies, including some of the obscure ones like Broke and The Sheepman.


Jay Cluitt: 65 points
Dusty: 56 point
Forgotten Films: 52 points
Dust Raven: 33 points
Shane: 30 points
The Movie Waffler: 11 points
Alex: 10 points
100 Years of Movies: 6 points
Nick: 5 points
Sebastian: 3 points
Silver Emulsion: 2 points
Kevin Knox: 2 points
The Mark Knight: 2 points
Joel Burman: 1 point


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