Lamb Chop-Ups # 2 – 3

by Bubbawheat · November 6, 2012 · Featured, LAMB Chop-Ups · 19 Comments

Welcome back to the return of Lamb Chop-Ups brought to you by Bubbawheat. I know I said last time that I plan to have these up every Monday, but that didn’t quite work out last week. They will be up at least every other Monday and I will continue to try to have them up weekly. If this is your first time playing, I have a word spelled out from cut up movie posters. Your job is to guess which movie each letter came from. There’s also a bonus movie that is not pictured, but is hinted at by the word itself and/or the other movies used, and there’s also some kind of theme that connects all the movies to help you figure out the less obvious ones. I occasionally throw in some tricks to make things difficult, like rotating some pieces, so keep your eye out. Check out this week’s puzzle and leave your guesses in the comments.

Some notes: While I try to use official movie posters, I sometimes have to base it on the popularity of a Google Image search for “(movie title) poster”. Either the first person to get all the answers right, or whoever gets the most right gets 10 points on the leaderboard, the first person to get the bonus movie correct will get 5 points, and the first correct guess for each movie gets 1 point – excluding the winner, so it pays to toss out your guesses even if you don’t know them all right away.

The Previous Puzzle:

Previous Puzzle’s Answers:

Unfortunately due to our transfer to a new host, the comments for the last game were lost and I didn’t get the chance to keep track of them earlier, so that round doesn’t count for the leaderboard, sorry.

J – Return of the Jedi
U – The Mummy Returns
S – Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers
T – Return to Oz
A – Batman Returns
D – Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
D – Aladdin: Return of Jafar
A – Return of the Pink Panther
N – Cocoon: The Return
S – Superman Returns

Bonus movie: Why return when you can just add an “S” to Alien and get the sequel Aliens.


Jessica – 10 points
Shane – 7 points
Forgotten Films – 2 points
Kevyn Knox – 1 point

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19 Responses to Lamb Chop-Ups # 2 – 3

  1. JayCluitt says:

    O – Almost Famous
    U –
    R –
    S – School of Rock

    G – Dreamgirls
    O –

    T –
    O –

    1 –
    1 –

    Bonus – This is Spinal Tap

  2. JayCluitt says:

    2nd ‘1’ is from Airheads

  3. 2nd O is That Thing You Do

  4. Jessica says:

    2nd O is The Bodyguard (I think Shane meant the 3rd O is That Thing You Do)

  5. JayCluitt says:

    I’m gonna be kicking myself when you release these Bubba, the ‘U’, ‘R’ and 1st ‘1’ are really starting to bug me. They look so familiar! Any clues?

  6. You’re right. I meant the 3rd O… Thanks Jay.

  7. Bubbawheat Bubbawheat says:

    I’ll give one general clue tonight. All the movies feature a musical artist/artists, most of them are comedies, and most of them are fictional.

  8. Doesn’t count for the Leaderboard? I wasted hours then. I definitely had them all.

  9. Bubbawheat Bubbawheat says:

    Here’s a clue for you: Two of them (not counting the bonus movie that’s already been guessed) are mockumentaries.

  10. Okay, so that first T in the To is from A Mighty Wind

  11. CB4 is the first 1

    O – Almost Famous
    U –
    R –
    S – School of Rock

    G – Dreamgirls
    O – The Bodyguard

    T – A Mighty Wind
    O – That Thing You Do

    1 – CB4
    1 – Airheads

  12. Dusty says:

    The R is absolutely ruining my week. Not only do I know I know that movie, but I’m pretty sure it’s a movie I’ve seen countless times. I just don’t know which one.

  13. Bubbawheat Bubbawheat says:

    The U is from the Rutles: All you need is cash. The Eric Idle mockumentary about the Beatles-esque band. And the R is from the Robert Townsend flick The Five Heartbeats about the pseudo-Temptations. Congrats again to Dusty for getting the most right this week. Once again didn’t have time for this week’s game but I’ll be back next Monday.

  14. Dusty says:

    Damn it. I’m glad you gave it to us. I was going to be committed at the rate I’ve been searching. I’ve looked at the Five Heartbeats poster a hundred times but never put it together. Hadn’t seen the Eric Idle poster.

  15. Yeah, same here. I actually looked at both of the posters, but never got it. I think the Bodyguard really threw me off for some reason.

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