Lamb Chop-Ups Round 2 #1

by Bubbawheat · September 24, 2012 · LAMB Chop-Ups · No Comments

Congratulation to Dusty from Dusty on Movies for winning the first round of my Lamb Chop-Ups game! I know I said I would take a week off, but that week turns out to be next week. Since Dusty won the first round, I asked him to select thirteen of his personal favorite movies to use to create the title of his site. Feel free to visit his site to get a feel for his taste in movies, though you won’t find many answers there. Good luck, this will likely be a tough one since there’s no overall theme or bonus movie, but most of the movies are well known. I’ll toss out a hint every day if needed.

Scoring: The first person to get everything right or the person with the most right will get 10 points, and everyone else will get 1 point for being the first person to guess each letter correctly, so be sure to toss out your guesses even if you don’t know them all at once.