LAMBScores: Hit the road Jack

by Shane Slater · January 12, 2013 · Featured, LAMBscores · 1 Comment

Let me apologize for the late posting of these LAMBscores. I’ve been unusually busy this week, so it took a while for me to get around to them. We have 4 scores for you today, including a Tom Cruise actioner Jack Reacher and a pair of comedies – The Guilt Trip and This is 40. The movie that left the best impression though, was Michael Haneke’s bleak Palme d’Or winner (and now Oscar nominee) Amour. It easily found its way into our top scores of 2012. Wanna see your reviews featured in the LAMBScores? Then head on over to the forums.

Rotten Tomatoes: 3.05 (61%)
IMDb: 3.60 (7.2/10)
LAMB: 3.71 (19)
Average: 3.45

Sobriety Test Movie Reviews
AngryVader’s Movie Blah…
The Film Discussion
At The Back
Sean Kelly on Movies
Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews
The Cinematic Katzenjammer
Kirkham A Movie A Day
The Bishop Review
Two Dollar Cinema
The Movie Waffler
An Online Universe
The Stop Button
Fr. Dennis at the Movies
Temple of Reviews
Me On The Movie

LAMB Bites:
Kirkham A Movie A Day: “Solid action/procedural with a great character. Cruise delivers even if you don’t like him.”
An Online Universe: “It’s fun, inventive, and at times exhilarating and surprisingly gritty.”
Me On The Movie: “A half-hearted mix of potentially-thrilling detective story with such a shallow characterization of the leading characters.”

MV5BMTk1NTc3NDc4MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjYwNDk0OA@@._V1._SY317_Rotten Tomatoes: 4.65 (93%)
IMDb: 4.05 (8.1/10
LAMB: 4.27 (13) 
Average: 4.32

At The Back (5)
The Velvet Café (5)
And So It Begins… (5)
Surrender to the Void (5)
An Online Universe (4.5)
Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (4.5)
Film Actually (4.5)
The Movie Waffler (4)
Bonjour Tristesse (4)
Inspired Ground (4)
Temple of Reviews (4)
Wide Screen World (3.5)
My Filmviews (2.5)

Rotten Tomatoes: 2.55 (51%)
IMDb: 3.20 (6.4/10)
LAMB: 2.96 (13)
Average: 2.90 

An Online Universe (4)
Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (4)
The Film Discussion (4)
Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (3.5)
Fr. Dennis at the Movies (3.5)
CinemaNerdz (3.5)
Reel Talk (3)
Love and Squalor Film (3)
AngryVader’s Movie Blah… (2.5)
The Sanity Clause (2.5)
Time for a film (2)
Sean Kelly on Movies (2)
Midnight Review (1)

Rotten Tomatoes: 1.90 (38%)
IMDb: 2.80 (5.6/10
LAMB: 2.79 (7)
Average: 2.50

Fr. Dennis at the Movies (4)
Love and Squalor Film (3)
Temple of Reviews (3)
CinemaNerdz (3)
AngryVader’s Movie Blah… (2.5)
Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (2)
Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (2)