PLUG: 5th Annual Omie Awards!

by Joel · January 20, 2013 · Plugs · No Comments
It’s Branden from Flixploitation. It’s that time of year again where the Oscar nominations are announced and some notable nominees are left out of the list. This year are the 5th Annual Omie Awards. The non-award show the recognizes the people and films that should have been nominated for Oscars instead of some current nominees. Voting is open to all LAMB members and non-members. Send me your nominees in the following categories: Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress, Animated Film, Original and Adapted Screenplay, Animated Film, Foreign Language, Original Song, Documentary and The Suck-It Award (the dishonor is bestowed on a shitty movie that is unworthy of its nomination) to [email protected]. Nominees will be announced on February 1st. The polls will close on February 17th. The winners will be announced on February 23rd.

Got a Press Release, something to Plug, or a Screener available for review (or some combination of the three)? Ok, don’t get all crazy about it. Just click here and give me the details (what, when, where, and a link, for starters) – I’ll handle the rest.

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