PLUG: #LAMBlikes

by Joel · January 21, 2013 · Plugs · 2 Comments

I think we all agree it’s far easier to get twitter followers than ‘likes’ on our FB pages. (I have ten times the amount of followers on twitter than FB). Because of this I’m proposing the hash-tag #lamblikes.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Send out a tweet with the link for your FB page (must be a ‘like’ page rather than a ‘friend request’ page.) Include the #lamblikes hashtag

Step 2: Search for the #lamblikes hashtag.

Step 3: Like all the FB pages you find this way (also add the twitter accounts if you’re not already a follower.)

Step 4: Retweet any new #lamblikes tweets you find.

Step 5: Repeat regularly to ensure you don’t miss out.

If everyone joins in correctly (i.e not just tweeting their own link without retweeting or liking anyone elses) we should all see our FB likes go through the roof.


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