PLUG: PT Snob Annual Oscar Pool!

by Joel · January 14, 2013 · Plugs · 1 Comment


The Oscar nominations have been announced, so it’s time for the 2013 Oscar Contest!  There’s no cost to enter; all you have to do is submit your picks through the link down below. It’s an easy-to-use survey.  The winner gets a nice prize, but it’s more about the bragging rights of defeating your fellow movie fans. 
The deadline for submitting your picks is Saturday, February 23.  The Oscars take place the next day on Sunday, February 24. If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s a link to the 2013 Oscar Nominations:
You don’t need to include your e-mail address, but if you do then you’ll be able to access the standings as they’re updated in real time on Oscar night!

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