The LAMB Devours The Oscars

by NTEMP · January 3, 2013 · Featured, LAMB Devours the Oscars · 1 Comment

LAMB Devours The Oscars Best Picture

LAMB Devours The Oscars is almost here! If you weren’t a member last year, here’s a little summary of what goes on: Each day between the nomination announcements (Jan 10th) and the Oscar ceremony (Feb. 24th), a LAMB or LAMB Team will do a write-up on one of the 23 Oscar categories except Best Picture, plus all of the 5 to 10 Best Picture nominees will get their own write-up. You can do a review of the films, general discussion of the nominees, backstory/history on the category itself, give your predictions, etc. Whatever you like. Click here to check out some previous articles. What we end up with (hopefully) is a diverse, excellently-written daily series celebrating Hollywood’s biggest night.

Given that we’ve got 1475 LAMB members with only 28 to 33 available spots, I would like to add a new element this year in the form of LAMB Teams. Basically, I’m hoping that some people will be willing to team up with their friends to write a category together so that more people can participate. Maybe you could turn it into a good cop/bad cop style post about one of the Best Picture nominee’s chances of winning, or have it take the form of a conversation where two or three people discuss the nominees for a given category. Be Creative!

For those who would like to participate, either as an individual LAMB or as a LAMB Team, please send me an email at that includes the following information:

1. Your name and the name of your blog (Teams should send a single email with all names and blog names together).
2. A list of your preferences for categories or presumed Best Picture nominees you would like to cover.
3. OPTIONAL: If you wish, you can also include any reasons why you or your team are uniquely qualified to handle those particular categories. (For example, if you are a team of fashion bloggers asking to write about the Costume Design category).
4. And, most importantly, let me know if you are willing to be assigned another category if your top preferences are already taken. (HINT: Saying yes here greatly improves your chances to participate!)

I’ll try to assign people in a way that allows for the highest number of participating LAMBs and LAMB Teams, fills all the categories and Best Picture nominees, and respects people’s preferences where possible. Participants are welcome to re-post their articles on their own blogs *after* they have been published on The LAMB, and are encouraged to include a link to the LAMB Devours The Oscars series when they do.