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LAMB member Nicholas Jobe has written and published a Young Adult Fantasy novel entitled The Most Wonderful Fairy Tale. It can be found on Amazon in eBook form. It can be read with the Kindle or through the use of a free Kindle App on iPad, iPod, iPhone, or any Mac or PC. If you decide to read it, please also consider using all of your amazing reviewing skills and writing up an Amazon Review and/or Goodreads Review for it. And make sure to tell everyone you know about it.
The novel summary is as follows:
Over 300 years ago, the Book of Tales–a magical tome that allows anything written into it to come to life–was passed from one fairy tale author to the next until the Brothers Grimm hid it away and protected it from the wrong hands. The fairy tale characters blended into society, had children, and moved on. But a war broke out for control of the book between the corrupt Blackguard and the peacekeeping Göttingen which continues to this day.

For 12-year-old misfit Nevada Turnkey–or Nev, as he would prefer–fairy tales were just silly stories. For his sister Georgia, they were an escape from her dismal life in Happy Hal’s Trailer Park. And for young Clover Lane, they were suddenly a harsh reality. The Blackguard has found a way to get to the book, with Nev and Clover right at the center of their plan. Now, with the help of Georgia and some new Göttingen friends, they must travel to the ends of the earth to retrieve the Book of Tales before it’s too late.

The original fairy tale characters may have started the war, but this is the story of how their descendants fought back.

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