LAMBScores: Pacific Hunt

by Shane Slater · August 3, 2013 · Featured, LAMBscores · 1 Comment

This week’s LAMBScores feature a pair of major releases. One of them is a highly-anticipated blockbuster (Pacific Rim), the other is a smaller arthouse pic (The Hunt) but it’s just as beloved. Find out what the LAMB had to say about both films and don’t forget to include your reviews in the forums.


Rotten Tomatoes: 3.55 (71%)
IMDb: 3.85 (7.7/10)
LAMB: 3.88 (40 sites)
Average: 3.76


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Cinema Won
The Smoking Pen
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LAMB Bites:

Cinema Won: “Pacific Rim is a near masterpiece.”

Sweet Popcorn and Late Nights: Big and loud and fun, but lacking the depth to make it great or an ending that would make it truly satisfying.

The Movie Waffler: “He may have always wanted to give us a movie about giant monsters but del Toro has delivered one giant turkey.”



 Rotten Tomatoes: 4.75 (95%)

IMDb: 4.10 (8.2/10)

LAMB: 4.27 (11 sites)

Average: 4.37


Midnight Review (5)

The Velvet Café (5)

The Movie Waffler (4.5)

FlixChatter (4.5)

Film Actually (4.5)

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (4.5)

Film Intel (4)

Bonjour Tristesse (4)

Myfilmviews (4)

Lisa Thatcher (4)

The Cue Dot Confessions (3)