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Recently on the LAMBcast, we had a very intricate, duly-researched, overly complex fantasy draft involving character actors (North American only).  You’ve had some time to listen to and digest the amazing choices that Jay, Dan, Nick P. and myself made, and now it’s time to separate the Buscemis from the Turturros (well, except that neither was deemed draftable on the show – have a listen to find out why).  Anyway, it’s time for you to vote and let us know who’s got the best team, so do that below.

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  1. nolahn says:

    First things first: I have to call SHENANIGANS on considering Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall “character actors” — those guys (and arguably James Woods, too) were full-on Movie Stars back in the day.

    That grumble out of the way, I’m sharing my All-Undrafted Character Actors Squad: J.T. Walsh (RIP) James Hong (80+) Powers Boothe, Ray Wise and Al Leong (60-79) “The Rook” Michael Rooker, Jeffrey Wright and Miguel Ferrer (40-59) Judy Greer (under 40).

    I really wanted to get Miguel Sandoval in there, but the 60-79 bracket is tough…

    • Dylan Dylan says:

      Not sure if you’ve listened to the show, but at one point, I mentioned wanting to draft a certain actor merely to gain the vote of a certain potential listener. That actor? Al Leong. 😀

      Pretty sure I mostly agree with you RE Hackman, Duvall and Woods. I think, by that point, short of Nick’s ridiculous attempts (Cage, Rockwell, etc.), we were unwilling to put up too many fights.

    • Dan Heaton says:

      Powers Boothe and Michael Rooker were on my list; I just ran out of room. Both are just awesome, and I did mention them on the podcast. That wins me some points, right? Deciding between Michael Ironside and Powers Boothe was difficult. Ditto for Michael Biehn and Michael Rooker.

      • nolahn says:

        Too true. It occurred to me while listening that this is the first draft where there could’ve been twice as many guests and everyone would still have a great list.

        • jaycluitt says:

          I think if I’d been in 8th place on the under 40s round I’d have had some serious difficulties coming up with someone, but for every other round I completely agree. That’s why I suggested the North American limit to begin with, there’s just so many great character actors out there.

    • Joel says:

      I agree with you regarding Hackman etc. but Jay still gets my vote just for the choice of Ernest Borgnine! I actually miss a couple of his Wild Bunch co-stars Ben Johnson, Warren Oates, L.Q Jones and Strother Martin. Another very obvious omission is of course Fred Ward himself he probably would have been my first (and very untactical) choice if I had participated in the draft.

  2. Shane Slater says:

    These are some really good teams. You guys are stressing me out!

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