Whats up with the LAMBoard?

by Joel · December 4, 2013 · Featured, LAMBoard, LAMBoard · 6 Comments


As you may have noticed I haven’t been promoting the LAMBoard and the LAMB of the month that much the last year but thatsabout to change. However, I’ll be needing your help.

As of now I’d say that 90% of our old members are still using LAMBbanners with the old blogspot-url that doesn’t re-direct any hits to this site. So if you are using the old banner there is no chance in hell that you’ll ever make it onto the LAMBoard. So what I need from you is the following.

  1. Start by checking your own site. If you have an old LAMB banner please update the code for it here. If you don’t even have a LAMB banner on your site you need to add one. As for next year I’m implementing that you need to have a visible LAMB banner on your site to be eligible in the LAMMYS. 
  2. I of course want as many people as possible to have updated banners on their sites so to do that I’m announcing a LAMB bounty hunter competition. What I want you to do is to visit member sites through the LAMBtable and check if they have banners to begin with. If they do click on them to see if they have old or new code on them. When you have that info summarize it in a mail to me at [email protected] I’ll be needing the site name, URL, and information if they are lacking banners or having the old code. The one reporting the most dead/lack of banners before the 20th of december will be crowned LAMB of the Month for december.

So happy hunting and I’ll hopefully see you featured on the next LAMBoard when you have updated your banner if you haven’t already!

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