The winner of the International Character Actor Career Draft is…

by Jay Cluitt · July 16, 2014 · LAMBcast · No Comments

A few weeks ago we held a draft over on the Lambcast, wherein Lackey, Dylan, DJ, Dan and myself all attempted to create the greatest team of character actors from outside of North America. We the left it up to you to vote for the best team. Well, the results are in, the votes have been counted, and the winner is….

Dan Heaton of Public Transportation Snob, making it two wins in a row for Dan, the current undisputed champion of the Character Actors. Here’s his winning team:


And here’s how the votes stacked up:

International Draft

DJ was actually in the lead for a large portion of the voting, but Dan was never far behind and ultimately took the win. The rest of us never stood a chance.
If you have a fun idea for a draft we can do on a future Lambcast episode, please leave a message in the comments.

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