The Winner of the 1984 Movie Draft is…

by Jay Cluitt · September 22, 2014 · LAMBcast · No Comments

A few weeks ago Lambcast regular Todd from Forgotten Films held a 1984 blog-a-thon over on this site. The Lambcast took part by holding a 1984 Movie Draft, upon which Todd, Jay, Pete, Will and Matt competed to pick the best team of movies from that seminal year. You all had a chance to vote on the teams, and the results are now in…


It seems only right for Todd to win this. Not only did he have the unanimously greatest film from that year (Ghostbusters) but he’s also the biggest advocate of the year in general, so I have no issue with coming second, despite how much better my team obviously is than his. Congrats Todd! Here are the final results:

As always, if you have any ideas for drafts or Lambcast shows you think we should do or you want to take part in, please feel free to drop me a line at jaycluitt (at), or on Twitter @lifevsfilm or @lambcast.

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