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As you may know, there’s more than just the Lambcast in the Lamb Podcasting Network and I’ll be here every week to hopefully share some of the other shows worth listening to that have released an episode within the past week, if you’re not subscribed to all of the network shows, make sure you stop by here in case you find something new that you fancy, I will also toss in the occasional news and featured episode. Descriptions of the episodes are in the hosts own words where possible.

Also, if you’re a member of the LPN and have any announcements: hiatuses, returns, call for guests feel free to let me know and I’ll feature it on one of these posts. Now, onto the shows!

Featured Episode

This week’s featured episode comes from the fine folks at eCinemaOne who discuss a whole lot of film festivals that took place over the last few months over there in Boston. It’s such a big episode it had to be split into two parts, and I did not make a spelling mistake, they do intentionally spell it “fethival”.

Subject:CINEMA #482 Part 1 / Part 2

Subject CinemaTHIS IS A BIGGIE! Part one of a double feature weekend, this show features an overview of Boston’s SEVEN major Film Festivals that run from March 1 to May 1, plus reviews of NINE fest films, which includes a current review as well. We’ll have a TON more reviews, and a lot more from:
Salem Film Fest
Irish Film Festival
Boston Turkish Film Festival
Boston Underground Film Festival
Boston LGBT Film Festival
Boston International Film Festival
Independent Film Festival Boston

Blueprint: Review #47

OK, so it’s been almost a month rather than the fortnight we promised, but we have come back with a new episode more quickly than usual. It’s a fairly short chat this time around with Darren and David only reviewing three new releases, Mad Max: Fury Road, Tomorrowland and Big Game.

French Toast Sunday #236

Movie Best Friends. This latest episode of the FTS Podcast about movie best buds is straight snatched to the GAHWDS.

The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs #118

Summer has begun! Tank and I are back to discuss two of the biggest movies that summer 2015 has to offer, “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Mad Max: Fury Road”! Each of these films were amongst our most anticipated of the year… did they live up to the hype? Did they kick off the Summer in style? Tune in and find out! As an added feature, Tank and I also discuss our favorite post-apocalyptic movies of all time! It’s a great show and you wont want to miss it!!

Walt Sent Me #32

Kristen and Todd are joined by a special guest for this episode of Walt Sent Me. Jay Cluitt from Life vs. Film (ed: and the Lambcast) stops by to discuss the Coen Brothers’ Oscar winning No Country for Old Men, which was released by Miramax during it’s years with Disney. Also on tap is a short discussion of the Pixar short subject Boundin’.

Forgotten Filmcast #52

On this episode Todd is joined by Greg Dedrick from the Nerds of Nostalgia podcast to discuss Jon Cryer, fake beards, and roller skating in 1987’s Hiding Out.

Simplistic Reviews #48

It’s Monday Movie Night Movie Commentary!

We already watched the classic Police Academy. So now we continue this marathon with its sequel Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment. Many movie franchises have had equality or superior sequels. Movie franchises like The Godfather, The Dark Knight, Star Wars. Police Academy 2 is not one of them. In fact its the complete opposite and is a pretty bad film with only one good take away, Zed. So sit back with the popcorn as we try to get though by having a few laughs at the expense of this weak sequel.

Really Awful Movies #34


A fantasy, a musical, a place where dreams come true…for some, it’s more of a nightmare and more of a Xana-don’t. However, there is something undoubtedly charming about this Olivia Newton-John MEGA-flop, which co-stars the late great Gene Kelly and Warrior Michael Beck. A roller-skating artist, who doesn’t know the meaning of the term “muse” meets a sprite on the beach and tries to romance her. He seeks advice from a beach clarinet-playing dandy who wants to open a nightclub with him.

Then things get weird.

Note: Check out Episode #35 Deadly Crossing which also came out this week.

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