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As you may know, there’s more than just the Lambcast in the Lamb Podcasting Network and I’ll be here every week to hopefully share some of the other shows worth listening to that have released an episode within the past week, if you’re not subscribed to all of the network shows, make sure you stop by here in case you find something new that you fancy, I will also toss in the occasional news and featured episode. Descriptions of the episodes are in the hosts own words where possible.

Also, if you’re a member of the LPN and have any announcements: hiatuses, returns, call for guests feel free to let me know and I’ll feature it on one of these posts. Now, onto the shows!


The Film Pasture is returning! Once again, the Film Pasture has passed hands from Pat McDonnell to Lindsay Street and now to the Vern who is bringing it back to focus on niche blogs, blogging tips and tricks and lots of other things. And he needs guests, so click the link for full details, or give him an email at to let him know you’re interested.

The Chicks with Accents over at the Across the Universe need your help for their next episode, they want to talk about a film that stars an actor born in June. They have a poll up for that here and you get to decide which film that will be. Your choices are Some Like It Hot (Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis), The Shawshank Redemption (Morgan Freeman), Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Angelina Jolie), Closer (Natalie Portman), Ed Wood (Johnny Depp) and The Hours (Nicole Kidman and God Meryl Streep). VOTE!!!

And finally I, Bubbawheat, have officially taken over as the head of operations for the Lamb Podcasting Network. As the new head, I hope to help bring more traffic to all of our podcasts as well as a few other ideas here and there. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me with your thoughts, or if you run your own podcast and would like to join the network.

From the Archives

I also wanted to showcase an older show that’s worth merit from some of our podcasts that have gone on extended hiatuses but still have great stuff in the archives to listen to if you’ve never checked them out before. For the first one, I wanted to share an episode of the MILFCast hosted by Kai and Heather from Man, I Love Films which was a great show and will hopefully return one day. I reached out to Kai and he said his favorite episode was an interview he did with Mike Wiles from Fight Club, Magnolia, Transformers, and more. So go check it out right now and have a good listen.

Subject: Cinema #484

“Everything Old Is New Again!”

THIS WEEK: Back to our regular format, and some new things in order – first, beginning this week, we will be giving each show a title, as some people have reported problems in their RSS readers with the long titles produced with the movie titles and such. Just look in the show notes for all the features. Second, we will be taking next week off for X-Games and will return on 6/14 with our NINTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL!

The Lair of the Unwanted #106

“I Drink Your Blood! I Drink it up!!”

Jason and Nolahn welcome their old friend Rachel Thuro, who hasn’t been on the show (at least by herself) in over 3 years. They take on the 1970’s Grindhouse classic “I Drink Your Blood”, where they learn a lot about hippies, satanists, rabies, and what Mark Trail looks like.

The French Toast Sunday Podcast #237

“Mini – The Virgin Suicides”

This month’s mini focuses on Director of the Month Sofia Coppola’s debut film The Virgin Suicides.

Movie Mavericks Podcast #272

Join hosts Trevor and Jason as they discuss the latest in movie news, box office numbers and trailers. Box Office Ace Predictions: San Andreas, Aloha. Trivial Trivia: What Best Picture nominee was the only movie based on a TV show to be up for the Oscar? Debate/Conversation Topic: Fox to Reboot ‘League of Extraordinary Gentleman’, Justin Lin Sets ‘Warrior’ Series at Cinemax, Inspired by Bruce Lee. Reviews: Tomorrowland, Mad Max: Fury Road, San Andreas Quake, Paul Blart 2. And more…

Cinema in Noir 5/31

“Summer 2015 Movie Preview & TV Critics Choice Nominations”

Hosted by Candice Frederick, Kimberly Renee, and ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, “Cinema in Noir” covers the latest casting news, reviews, and interviews with the best and brightest talent in film. In the lastest edition on Cinema in Noir, we will discuss Zoe Saldana’s comments regarding the Michael B. Jordan/Human Torch controversy. The actress shows her support for Jordan and questions why white actors have be cast in black roles for years. We will also list the films we are most looking forward to this summer season. Lastly, we will discuss the Broadcast Television Journalist Assciations nominations for the 2015 Television Critics Awards.

Exploding Helicopter #8

“Fire Birds: Wings of the Apache”

“When we have mastered these tactics, we will use them to seek out and confront the forces of evil and kill ’em deader than hell!” In 1986 Top Gun took the breath away of film fans around the world, but the movie had one noticeable flaw: no helicopters. Fortunately, that error was corrected in 1990 with Fire Birds – Wings of the Apache. It took the Top Gun’s formula, added helicopters and a scenery chewing Nicolas Cage to make cinematic gold (or possibly tin). On episode #8 Exploding Helicopter is joined by Nick Rehak from French Toast Sunday to discuss whether Fire Birds is the greatest exploding helicopter film of all-time.

Across the Universe Podcast #45

“Dystopian Movies”

With the release and widespread success of Mad Max: Fury Road, the chicks thought it was time to reveal their own favourite dystopian films. In this episode, they each pick their Top 3 Dystopian Films (with quite a few overlaps) and go a little boy-crazy in the Interesting Movie of the Fortnight feature (well, Nik does anyway).

Walt Sent Me #33

“Dick Tracy”

On this episode of Walt Sent Me, Kristen and Todd journey into the world of comic strips with 1990’s Dick Tracy. They also discuss the short subject that was originally released with the film -the second Roger Rabbit short, Roller Coaster Rabbit.

Mad, Bad, and Downright Strange Showcase #18

“The Fall / Night Watch”

Writer (No Flesh Shall be Spared) Thom Carnell of the “Bonus Material” podcast joins me for this latest episode as we look at two visually stunning films from the list. Kicking things off is Tarsem’s grown up fairy tale “The Fall” before we look at Russia’s first horror movie Nochnoy dozor aka “Night Watch. All this plus we discuss the legacy of Bruce Lee, The restraints of the studio system and rules of interspecies dating, Clown Noir and so much more!

Really Awful Movies #37

“It Came From the Bargain Bin”

We discuss some of the crappy movies we bought for $2-3 and what motivated our purchases. In this edition of the Really Awful Movies podcast, we discuss our love for the frequently unintelligible Vinnie Jones as well as WWE film productions. Cut Off features the one and only third-rate rapper Kurupt (who we discovered from Half Past Dead, an aptly-titled Seagal flick). A hot chick wearing bullet bandoliers was an impetus for the purchase, as well as the presence of Malcolm McDowell and Faye Dunaway. The plot is can’t miss: A spoiled heiress is cut off from her billionaire father and embarks on a crime spree (!). Jeff picked up Wise Girls based on the cover and the presence of Mira Sorvino and Mariah Carey (!). The women discover survival is more than “service with a smile.” There’s gotta be more to the diva than Glitter. Chris picked up Crackerjack 3 because it has b-movie icon Bo Svenson and Oliver Grunier in it. It looks like a painfully lousy espionage flick. And more…

Note: Check out #36 Ong Bak – Tai Warrior which also came out this week.

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